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No new posts  Global announcement:  POSTPONED TO 2021 - Duel Masters Mega Meet in Finland 5ELTP431Single Cards 44-96View latest post on 30.06.20 20:43
by diabolicaldrew


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No new posts   [TCG] Charmilia, the Enticer 5Halfar639Single Cards 247-30View latest post on 21.05.20 20:55
by Rishino
No new posts   Essence Elf 4iamjason8395Single Cards 247-30View latest post on 20.05.20 14:54
by Rishino
No new posts   Solar Ray vs Holy Awe 4Spaulding265Single Cards 068View latest post on 26.01.20 19:41
by Halfar
No new posts   Cards for Sale 0Black_Knight201avatarView latest post on 12.12.19 18:32
by Black_Knight
No new posts   (TCG) Deklowaz, the Terminator  8Halfar932Single Cards 068View latest post on 10.09.19 16:27
by Halfar
No new posts   Is there a place for Slash Charger in RUB Control? 8AleksVin521Single Cards 113-77View latest post on 09.09.19 8:52
by Promised.
No new posts   Top 10 Duel Masters Cards (TCG) 1, 228LordSommerhill10058Single Cards 116-14View latest post on 16.07.19 21:38
by loui-mh
No new posts   (TCG) Cruel Naga, Avatar of Fate 12DeathOnion999Single Cards 44-96View latest post on 21.02.19 4:13
by diabolicaldrew
No new posts   (TCG) Top 10 Evolutions Creatures 1LordSommerhill894Single Cards 068View latest post on 12.11.18 15:20
by Halfar
No new posts   Underrated Cards:2. The Super Necrodragon Abzo Dolba  2Enigmafiend1353Single Cards 068View latest post on 11.11.18 10:48
by Halfar
No new posts   Rothus, the Traveler "puzzle" card ? 3äksä717Single Cards 4-91View latest post on 11.04.18 6:53
by Haiken
No new posts   Blank front Misprint Card (Duel Master Filler Card) 9diabolicaldrew1131Single Cards 22-89View latest post on 17.03.18 21:54
by KazeBlack
No new posts   Ballom, Master of Death: A card in review  1Enigmafiend1176Single Cards 1-57View latest post on 24.02.18 8:24
No new posts   Photocide Misprint? 6omswizard785Single Cards 1-57View latest post on 30.01.18 12:09
No new posts   Melnia Promo Misprint? 9NaniMan1217Single Cards 19-50View latest post on 12.11.17 16:08
by äksä
No new posts   Balesk Baj, the Time Burner: A card review 14Enigmafiend1422Single Cards 5-8View latest post on 12.11.17 14:30
by Zach Hartigan
No new posts  [ Poll ]  Nocturnal Giant 10Bronze-Arm Sloth1048Single Cards 102-42View latest post on 16.09.17 17:58
by Bronze-Arm Sloth
No new posts   (TCG) Death Phoenix Avatar of Doom - Can we make this card work? 6LordSommerhill1243Single Cards 125-53View latest post on 31.08.17 17:09
by LordSommerhill
No new posts   Doboulgyser, Giant Rock Beast 12iamjason81028Single Cards 125-53View latest post on 30.08.17 17:34
by LordSommerhill
No new posts   Uberdragon Bajula: A Review 15Secret_Wyvern1587Single Cards 125-53View latest post on 26.08.17 9:20
by LordSommerhill
No new posts   Boy, Rafululu + Shortshot is ridiculous 0Mr-ex777501Single Cards 28-99View latest post on 13.08.17 20:12
by Mr-ex777
No new posts   Wow this card is terrible 9Mr-ex7771359Single Cards 30-97View latest post on 24.05.17 4:33
by Enigmafiend
No new posts  [ Poll ]  Should Magnum, Shortshot be banned/restricted? 3Mr-ex777692Single Cards 52-83View latest post on 19.05.17 10:57
by ohdeer
No new posts   World's strongest removal spell? 4Mr-ex777893Single Cards 1-57View latest post on 30.03.17 18:30
No new posts  [ Poll ]  [OCG] Should Jolly the Johnny Joe be banned/restricted? 9Mr-ex777968Single Cards 1-57View latest post on 14.03.17 17:39
No new posts   Oh Gosh..... 4Mr-ex777685Single Cards 1-57View latest post on 14.03.17 17:35
No new posts   Miracle Miradante is so annoying 3Mr-ex777733Single Cards 24-55View latest post on 02.03.17 11:05
by OcaVan
No new posts  [ Poll ]  Bombazar, still too good? 4Secret_Wyvern2206Single Cards 1-57View latest post on 14.02.17 15:49
No new posts   Review of Revolution Final Legend Rares is up on DMwiki 1Mr-ex777616Single Cards 1-57View latest post on 14.02.17 15:12
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