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The Miraculous Spells - from worst to best

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The Miraculous Spells - from worst to best Empty The Miraculous Spells - from worst to best

Post by LordSommerhill on 26.09.20 13:34

So in DM-11 we got the first multiciv spells, and this includes the 5 Miraculous Spells. These are all super/very rare and were not printed for very long before the game was discontinued. So they werent really seen in decks all that much when the game was alive, and usually just 1 when used, cause thats what people had. Today i still dont really see them used nearly as much as they should. The one i see the most is Plague, and Plague is a really good card, but i dont think it is the best one. So i have decided to make this top 5 Miraculous Spell list, that shows in my opinion what is the worst to the best of them, and why. These are really cool cards, and some of them are pretty damn good haha. So here we go!

The Miraculous Spells - from worst to best Miracu12

Probably not a big surprise, but the 5th and first and by far worst of them is Miraculous Truce, 1 out of 2 of the very rare ones. Truce itself isnt really all that bad, considering it is a trigger and has a decent defensive effect. So it lets you avoid being attacked by anything of a chosen civ until the next turn. This could save you in certain situations, and the card would be decent if there wasnt already a card named Holy Awe....... that is also a trigger that indirectly does the same thing, except it protects you from ALL your opponents creatures until the next turn. Unlike Truce it can also be used offensively to tap things so you can kill them and control the board. it also only requires only light mana, and is therefore more splashable and just better in every way shape or form. So Truce is decent, but there is just never ever a reason to use it when Holy Awe exists...

The Miraculous Spells - from worst to best Miracu14

So the 4th slot on the list is the second of the two very rare ones, which is Miraculous Snare. This is a card i barely ever see in people's decks, and i can kinda understand it, as the card only appears to be mediocre at first. Its not a card i feel like any deck really "needs", but if you have a flex spot or two in a deck with W/L that doesnt run Dark, this is the only 3 turn removal card you will find. Sure you do give your opponent an extra shield, but in control decks that is really not an issue, and it means the creature you target will be gone until later when you hopefully have control of the duel. Say your opponent plays a Gonta, a Melnia or something else really early that is a pain to deal with. Simply Snare it and be done with it. Spiral gate, Corile and Surfer can temporarily remove creatures as well, but this way they can summon the creature again on the following turn. So if you miss some early removal in your Light/Water deck, this is actually a good card. Its not OP or broken or anything, but its just good. I have used this card in my Starnoid deck for example, to get rid of Melnias (which are a pain for Starnoid) and other stuff like evo bait and beatsticks. Its like psuedo Terror Pit for 3 mana, so its quite underrated, but not nearly as good as the next 3 cards on the list!

The Miraculous Spells - from worst to best Miracu15

So on to the super rares, which are all very good cards that i dont see used nearly as much as they should be. The 3rd slot on the list is Miraculous Plague. This is easely the Miraculous Spell i have seen in play the most, as everybody who had it back in the day used the one copy they had as a tech removal card in their multicived controldecks. And Plague is definitely one of those cards you can tech 1-2 copies of in a control deck, and its gonna work well. It causes heavy disruption for your opponent when played, as it essentially removes two creatures on their field and two of their mana cards. A card that advantage wise is a 1 for 4, is usually always good, and Plague is just that. Yes they can usually play the creature that is bounced again next turn, and add the bounced mana back to the mana zone, but they have still been slowed down quite a lot in addition to completely losing the 2 other cards that went to the graveyard. Plague itself is rather slow as it costs 7 mana, but just like Apocalypse Wise (also costs 7 mana), it provides such great advantage and immediate impact on the board, that it is easely worth it. Great card in control decks, but still just shy of the two next spots on the list.

The Miraculous Spells - from worst to best Miracu16

So the 2nd slot on the list goes to Miraculous Rebirth. This is an amazing card for any deck that runs Fire and Nature, as it is a great removal card and the only spell in TCG (atleast that is worth using) that summons a creature directly from your deck. The options for this card are insane! It fits in any gameplan except for Rush, and it will surely be an improvement to basically any deck. If you run any evolution creature, Rebirth can summon bait cards for you, and if you have creatures with summon effects like Terahorn, Hulcus, Surfer, Corile, Loco or a speed attacker etc it works wonders with these as well. The card is effectively a 1 for 2 when it comes to card advantage, and cards with advantage like this should never be overlooked. Sure it is a super rare and not the easiest to get, but if you do have 2+ copies of it you should really make use of it. Killing something with 5000 power or less means you can target like 90% of creatures that see play, barring the big finishers. You may also not always want to destroy the most obvious threat, but sometimes the creature with the correct mana cost so that you can summon the creature you need from your deck. The card requires some skill to reach its full potential, but this is just a great great card for both control, offensive and defensive purposes. I put it in front of Plague, as it is faster and impacts the board itself more heavily than plague. So even though Plague also has a +2 effect on the board and disrupts mana as well, i find Rebirth better because of the value of the summon effect, and its lower mana cost. But they are both very even and both extremely good.

The Miraculous Spells - from worst to best Miracu17

I know some people will probably not understand this at first. But im absolutely 100% positive that Miraculous Meltdown is the best and most broken Miraculous Spell, and even one of the best spells in the game. I never really saw this card in play back when the game was active, and i just recently started using this card a lot myself. And after testing it a little i just had to laugh, at how ridiculous this card was..... Even in top tier duels, this card is a true gamechanger, that forces your opponent to completely change his playing style just by knowing that you have the card in your deck. So even without even casting it, it will have an impact on the game. Even if your opponent is killing you, he just cant break too many of your shields as long as you have a field. Meltdown basicly forces your opponent to keep you alive until he knows he has game, as otherwise he might all of a sudden lose a duel he was clearly about to win. And this is the effect the card has before even being played haha...
I have been in the worst situations, with my opponent having a full field and x amount of shields remaining, and where i have been down to 1-0 shields but with a tiny creature or two remaining on the field and unable to do very much. Then all of a sudden i play Meltdown and just "wops i won" completely out of the blue. This is something no other card in the game can do. Even Bombazar requires good positioning to be able to win for you, but Meltdown can turn some of the worst situations to autowins instantly which is real nasty. Sure in a winning position Meltdown is worthless, but in that case what do you care if it is, your winning anyway?? Sure meltdown is not a card that any good deck really "needs", but the card can have such a major impact on the game that i would always play it if you have room for it. The card is litterally broken in my opinion, and has won me so many losing games that it was an easy number 1 pick as the best Miraculous Spell in the game.

This was my list and my opinions, so now let me hear yours! Have you used any of these cards? How did it go? Which ones do you think are the best?

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