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Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY.


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Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY. Empty Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY.

Post by KazeBlack 21.03.21 22:48

Title says it all. I have started to tackle the tiger, revamped the entirety of my 40000 card strong collection organization system (or COS for short) and begun collecting every OCG print there is from every set out there in prime condition if possible with new lists I have specifically made for it.
I will change from my old COS to my new one over time, it is a lot of cards and a ton of work so it won't all happen instantly so expect constant updates on here. For now I'll list everything in this thread, when it becomes too much I'll shift it into multiple PDFs.

In other words, I was really bored and I want to be able to possibly buy/trade with TCG peeps again and snag their Japanese copies because ever since I have completed my English stack I have barely done that. Also import right now just sucks, thanks Covid. bounce

What do I have?
All sorts of OCG. Old and new up to the newest sets. It's way too much to list. Over 40k, and another 10k or so sales bulk. The stuff comes and goes, I'm a global trader after all. Just ask and I'll check. My TCG stack is fairly small and I barely have anything for trade from it.

- JAPANESE ONLY. NO ENGLISH (OR ANY OTHER LANGUAGE). The only exception are TCG exclusives that have no equivalent OCG printing.

*Will mostly accept M/NM only. EXC only on cards that are very hard to get in general. For the TCG stack, anything that is marked EN has to be NM condition or better.
Don't offer anything not listed here. I won't hate you for it, but it will disappear before you know it. Smile
Scans or well-lit pictures of everything you offer. Front and backside.
You make the prices. Offers via PM or below, but any further buy/trade talk via PM only or facebook/Discord if that's more of your liking.

For navigation, you can search for specific cards by using the browser quick search. I require multiple printings of many cards, so it is possible for the same card name to show up multiple times in the lists. Pay attention to set/card number before you make an offer!
To give this thread an easier read, I have split the blocks by color.
DM main set: Lavender
DMC sets: Orange
Promotional cards: Yellow
Other: White

Sets follow Japanese numeration but English names.
CU = Condition Upgrade needed.
EN = English printing needed.


Beginner's Block:

DM-01 Base Set:
S1/S10 Hanusa, Radiance Elemental
S2/S10 Urth, Purifying Elemental (CU)
S5/S10 Deathliger, Lion of Chaos
S6/S10 Zagaan, Knight of Darkness (CU)
S8/S10 Scarlet Skyterror
S9/S10 Deathblade Beetle (CU)
1/110 Gran Gure, Space Guardian (CU)
4/110 Seamine
5/110 Vampire Silphy (CU)
6/110 Gigargon
8/110 Bolshack Dragon
15/110 Holy Awe (CU)
16/110 Laser Wing (CU)
17/110 Aqua Knight (CU)

DM-02 Master of Evolution:
S2/S5 Crystal Paladin
S5/S5 Fighter Dual Fang
1/55 Ethel, Star Sea Elemental
3/55 Dark Titan Maginn (CU)
4/55 Bolzard Dragon (CU)

DM-03 Master of Destruction:
S1/S5 Miar, Comet Elemental
S3/S5 Giriel, Ghastly Warrior
S4/S5 Garkago Dragon
01/55 Sieg Balicula, the Intense
03/55 Jack Viper, Shadow of Doom (CU)
04/55 Überdragon Jabaha
05/55 Gigamantis (CU)
06/55 Raza Vega, Thunder Guardian
07/55 Alex, Solidity Enforcer
08/55 Logic Sphere
09/55 Aqua Deformer
10/55 King Neptas
11/55 Streaming Shaper
12/55 Gamil, Knight of Hatred (CU)
13/55 Scratchclaw
14/55 Ghastly Drain
15/55 Boltail Dragon
16/55 Flametropus
17/55 Blaze Cannon
18/55 Dawn Giant
19/55 Psyshroom
20/55 Aurora of Reversal
21/55 Ra Vu, Seeker of Lightning
23/55 Boomerang Comet
24/55 King Ponitas
25/55 Stinger Ball
26/55 Flood Valve
27/55 Hang Worm, Fetid Larva
28/55 Baraga, Blade of Gloom
29/55 Eldritch Poison (CU)
30/55 Muramasa, Duke of Blades
31/55 Armored Warrior Quelos (CU)
32/55 Searing Wave
33/55 Masked Pomegranate
34/55 Pouch Shell
35/55 Mana Nexus
36/55 Aless, the Oracle (CU)
37/55 Ur Pale, Seeker of Sunlight (CU)
38/55 Lena, Vizier of Brilliance (CU)
39/55 Sundrop Armor
40/55 Shtra
41/55 Angler Cluster
42/55 Emeral (CU)
43/55 Liquid Scope
44/55 Mudman
45/55 Wailing Shadow Belbetphlo
46/55 Bone Piercer
47/55 Snake Attack (CU)
48/55 Explosive Dude Joe (CU)
49/55 Baby Zoppe
50/55 Snip Striker Bullraizer (CU)
51/55 Volcanic Arrows (CU)
52/55 Raging Dash-Horn
53/55 Sword Butterfly
54/55 Sniper Mosquito
55/55 Roar of the Earth

DM-04 Challenge of Black Shadow:
S1/S5 Rimuel, Cloudbreak Elemental
S2/S5 King Aquakamui
S3/S5 Ballom, Master of Death
S4/S5 Galklife Dragon
S5/S5 Niofa, Horned Protector
1/55 Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits (CU)
02/55 Astral Reef (CU)
03/55 Trox, General of Destruction (CU)
04/55 Doboulgyser, Giant Rock Beast
05/55 Supporting Tulip
06/55 Aeris, Flight Elemental (CU)
09/55 Smile Angler
11/55 Hydro Hurricane
12/55 Gregoria, Princess of War
13/55 Photocide, Lord of the Wastes
14/55 Chains of Sacrifice
15/55 Chaotic Skyterror
16/55 Magmarex (CU)
17/55 Mega Detonator (CU)
18/55 Ancient Giant
19/55 Mystic Inscription
20/55 Sword of Benevolent Life
21/55 Re Bil, Seeker of Archery
22/55 Fu Reil, Seeker of Storms (CU)
25/55 Screaming Sunburst
26/55 Hunter Cluster
27/55 Volcano Smog, Deceptive Shade
28/55 Mongrel Man
31/55 Soul Goulp
33/55 Sword of Malevolent Death (CU)
35/55 Dew Mushroom
39/55 Sarius, Vizier of Suppression (CU)
40/55 Whisking Whirlwind (CU)
43/55 Marine Flower (CU)

44/55 Clone Factory (CU)
47/55 Skeleton Thief, the Revealer
48/55 Purple Piercer
52/55 Kamikaze, Chainsaw Warrior
55/55 Torcon (CU)

DM-05 Return of the Survivor:
S1/S5 Syrius, Firmament Elemental
S2/S5 King Tsunami
S3/S5 Death Cruzer, the Annihilator
S4/S5 Bilion-Degree Dragon
S5/S5 Avalanche Giant
1/55 La Byle, Seeker of the Winds (CU)
2/55 King Mazelan
3/55 Sinister General Damudo
4/55 Bladerush Skyterror Q (CU)

Fighting Spirit Saga:

DM-06 Invincible Soul:
S1/S10 Craze Valkyrie, the Drastic
S3/S10 Q-tronic Hypermind
S4/S10 Crystal Jouster
S5/S10 Phantasmal Horror Gigazald
S6/S10 Daidalos, General of Fury
S7/S10 Lava Walker Executo
S8/S10 Bolmeteus Steel Dragon
S9/S10 Ultra Mantis, Scourge of Fate
S10/S10 Cliffcrush Giant
1/110 Lu Gila, Silver Rift Guardian (CU)
2/110 Invincible Aura*
3/110 Aeropica
6/110 Invincible Abyss
7/110 Valiant Warrior Exorious
8/110 Invincible Cataclysm
9/110 Splinterclaw Wasp (CU)
10/110 Invincible Unity
12/110 Forbos, Sanctum Guardian Q
13/110 Gariel, Elemental of Sunbeams
15/110 Telitol, the Explorer
16/110 Bonds of Justice
19/110 Midnight Crawler (CU)
21/110 Kyuroro (CU)
23/120 Frost Specter, Shadow of Age
24/110 Gnarvash, Merchant of Blood
25/110 Schuka, Duke of Amnesia
27/110 Vile Mulder, Wing of the Void
31/110 Bazagazeal Dragon
32/110 Badlands Lizard
34/110 Crisis Boulder
36/110 Clobber Totem
37/110 Factory Shell Q
38/110 Forbidding Totem
39/110 Charmilia, the Enticer
40/110 Mystic Treasure Chest
50/110 Thrash Crawler
56/110 Lupa, Poison-Tipped Doll
66/110 Bliss Totem, Avatar of Luck
77/110 Vess, the Oracle (CU)
*Invincible Aura has a rather common error printing with 'Rare' rarity symbol instead of 'Very Rare'. I'm looking for both the correct and the error version.

DM-07 Invincible Charge:
S2/S5 Cosmic Nebula (CU)
S3/S5 Crath Lade, Merciless King
S4/S5 Sky Crusher, The Agitator
S5/S5 Headlong Giant
1/55 Gandar, Seeker of Explosions
2/55 King Benthos
3/55 Battleship Mutant
8/55 Justice Jamming
9/55 Trenchdive Shark (CU)
10/55 Aqua Fencer
12/55 Phantasmal Horror Gigazabal
14/55 Hopeless Vortex
15/55 Valkrowzer, Ultra Rock Beast
16/55 Kipo's Contraption
18/55 World Tree, Root of Life (CU)
19/55 Cursed Totem (CU)
20/55 Tangle Fist, the Weaver
25/55 Curious Eye (CU)
27/55 Three-Faced Ashura Fang
30/55 Otherworldly Warrior Naglu
41/55 Titanium Cluster
49/55 Astronaut Skyterror (CU)

DM-08 Invincible Legend:
S1/S5 Nastasha, Channeler of Suns
S3/S5 Super Necrodragon Abzo Dolba
S4/S5 Überdragon Bajula
S5/S5 Super Terradragon Bailas Gale
6/55 Sasha, Channeler of Suns (CU)
7/55 Thrumiss, Zephyr Guardian
8/55 Nariel, the Oracle
10/55 Vikorakys
12/55 Necrodragon Galbazeek
13/55 Scream Slicer, Shadow of Fear
15/55 Kyrstron, Lair Delver
16/55 Slaphappy Soldier Galback
19/55 Carbonite Scarab

DM-09 Invincible Blood:
S1/S5 Petrova, Channeler of Suns
S2/S5 Aqua Master
S3/S5 Stallob, the Lifesquasher
S4/S5 Magmadragon Ogrist Vhal (CU)
S5/S5 Stratosphere Giant
1/55 Glena Vuele, the Hypnotic
2/55 Marching Motherboard
3/55 Azaghast, Tyrant of Shadows (CU)
4/55 Balesk Baj, the Timeburner
5/55 Vreemah, Freaky Mojo Totem
6/55 Mihail, Celestial Elemental
7/55 Micute, the Oracle
8/55 Nexus Charger
9/55 Emperor Maroll
10/55 Zeppelin Crawler
11/55 Abduction Charger
12/55 Gabzagul, Warlord of Pain
13/55 Ice Vapor, Shadow of Anguish
14/55 Slash Charger
15/55 Shock Trooper Mykee
16/55 Simian Warrior Grash
17/55 Blizzard of Spears
18/55 Storm Wrangler, the Furious
19/55 Terradragon Anrist Vhal
20/55 Mana Bonanza
21/55 Tra Rion, Penumbra Guardian
22/55 Betrale, the Explorer
23/55 Unified Resistance
24/55 Tekorax
25/55 Hokira
26/55 Submarine Project
27/55 Necrodragon Izorist Vhal
28/55 Venom Worm
29/55 Grinning Hunger (CU
30/55 Snaptongue Lizard (CU)
31/55 Gigio's Hammer
32/55 Fist of Forever
33/55 Silvermoon Trailblazer
34/55 Whispering Totem
35/55 Vine Charger
36/55 Cyclolink, Spectral Knight
37/55 Jil Warka, Time Guardian (CU)
38/55 Kalute, Vizier of Eternity
39/55 Cosmic Wing
40/55 Tentacle Cluster
41/55 Scout Cluster (CU)
42/55 Kelp Candle
43/55 Cyber Tunnel
44/55 Acid Reflux, the Fleshboiler
45/55 Trixo, Wicked Doll (CU)
48/55 Quakesaur
49/55 Steam Rumbler Kain
50/55 Aerodactyl Kooza
51/55 Relentless Blitz
52/55 Solid Horn
53/55 Whip Scorpion
54/55 Cavern Raider (CU)
55/55 Dance of the Sproutlings

Holy Fist Saga:

DM-10 Eternal Arms:
S1/S10 Elixia, Pureblade Elemental
S2/S10 Hawkeye Lunatron
S3/S10 Hurricane Crawler
S4/S10 Necrodragon Bryzenaga
S5/10 Core-Crash Lizard
S6/S10 Ultimate Dragon (CU)
S7/S10 Bodacious Giant
S8/S10 Terradragon Dakma Balgarow
S9/S10 Bluum Erkis, Flare Guardian
1/110 Balza, Seeker of Hyperpearls
2/110 Ryudmila, Channeler of Suns (CU)
3/110 King Oquanos (CU)
4/110 Kejila, the Hidden Horror
5/110 Gajirabute, Vile Centurion
6/110 Gaulezal Dragon (CU)
7/110 Carnival Totem
8/110 Tanzanyte, the Awakener (CU)
9/110 Bombazar, Dragon of Destiny
10/110 Techno Totem (CU)
11/110 Glais Mejicula, the Extreme
12/110 Poltalester, the Spydroid
13/110 Ikaz, the Spydroid
14/110 Pala Olesis, Morning Guardian
15/110 Rapid Reincarnation
16/110 Static Warp (CU)
17/110 Crystal Spinslicer (CU)
18/110 Mystic Magician
19/110 Zaltan
20/110 Charge Whipper
21/110 Transmogrify (CU)
22/110 Zero Nemesis, Shadow of Panic
23/110 Uliya, the Entrancer
24/110 Gigandura
25/110 Spark Chemist, Shadow of Whim
26/110 Upheaval (CU)
27/110 Armored Raider Gandaval
28/110 Hurlosaur
29/110 Burnwisp Lizard
30/110 Minelord Skyterror (CU)
31/110 Smash Warrior Stagrandu (CU)
32/110 Earth Ripper, Talon of Rage
33/110 Terradragon Cusdalf
34/110 Bubble Scarab
35/110 Shaman Broccoli
36/110 Soulswap
37/110 Aqua Skydiver
38/110 Soderlight, the Cold Blade
39/110 Dolmarks, the Shadow Warrior
41/110 Lukia Lex, Pinnacle Guardian
42/110 Berochika, Channeler of Suns
43/110 Bulgluf, the Spydroid
44/110 Clearlo, Grace Enforcer
45/110 Pinpoint Lunatron (CU)
46/110 Buoyant Blowfish
47/110 Ardent Lunatron
48/110 Siren Concerto
49/110 Dedreen, the Hidden Corrupter
50/110 Spinal Parasite
51/110 Gigamente
52/110 Pierr, Psycho Doll
53/110 Taunting Skyterror
54/110 Explosive Trooper Zalmez
55/110 Vorg's Engine
56/110 Supersonic Jet Pack
57/110 Twitch Horn, the Aggressor
58/110 Ancient Horn, the Watcher
59/110 Sporeblast Erengi
60/110 Karate Potato
61/110 Estol, Vizier of Aqua
62/110 Tajimal, Vizier of Aqua
63/110 Pointa, the Aqua Shadow
64/110 Melnia, the Aqua Shadow (CU)
65/110 Galek, the Shadow Warrior (CU)
66/110 Ulex, the Dauntless
67/110 Wind Axe, the Warrior Savage (CU)
68/110 Gonta, the Warrior Savage (CU)
70/110 Sanfist, the Savage Vizier
71/110 Lemik, Vizier of Thought
72/110 Flohdani, the Spydroid
73/110 Kaemira, the Oracle
74/110 Messa Bahna, Expanse Guardian
75/110 Ferrosaturn, Spectral Knight (CU)
76/110 Tulk, the Oracle (CU)
77/110 Logic Cube (CU)
78/110 Solar Ray
79/110 Fluorogill Manta (CU)
80/110 Milporo
81/110 Tide Patroller (CU)
82/110 Battery Cluster (CU)
83/110 Torpedo Cluster (CU)
84/110 Aqua Strummer
85/110 Spiral Gate (CU)
86/110 Recon Operation
87/110 Nightmare Invader
88/110 Benzo, the Hidden Fury
89/110 Hourglass Mutant
90/110 Mummy Wrap, Shadow of Fatigue
91/110 Mikay, Rattling Doll
92/110 Venom Capsule
93/110 Death Smoke
94/110 Infernal Command
95/110 Mykee's Pliers
96/110 Mezger, Commando Leader
97/110 Siege Roller Bagash (CU)
98/110 Cragsaur
99/110 Brad, Super Kickin' Dynamo
100/110 Forced Frenzy
101/110 Phantom Dragon's Flame
102/110 Colossus Boost (CU)
103/110 Legacy Shell
104/110 Sabermask Scarab
105/110 Jiggly Totem (CU)
106/110 Scowling Tomato (CU)
107/110 Hustle Berry (CU)
108/110 Adventure Boar
109/110 Faerie Life
110/110 Thirst for the Hunt

DM-11 Eternal Wave:
S1/S5 Warlord Ailzonius
S3/S5 Miraculous Plague
S4/S5 Miraculous Meltdown
S5/S5 Miraculous Rebirth
1/55 Evil Incarnate)
3/55 Diamondia, the Blizzard Rider
4/55 Miraculous Snare
5/55 Miraculous Truce
8/55 Belix, the Explorer
10/55 Fantasy Fish
11/55 Squawking Lunatron
12/55 Gazer Eyes, Shadow of Secrets
13/55 Hazaria, Duke of Thorns
14/55 Roulette of Ruin
16/55 Eviscerating Warrior Lumez
17/55 Jabaha's Automaton
19/55 Royal Durian
20/55 Skyscraper Shell
21/55 Baraid, the Explorer (CU)
25/55 Jagila, the Hidden Pillager (CU)
27/55 Bonfire Lizard
30/55 Macho Melon
31/55 Rise and Shine (CU)
41/55 Revival Soldier
51/55 Ten-Ton Crunch (CU)
54/55 Hearty Cap'n Polligon

DM-12 Eternal Vortex:
S1/S5 Terradragon Arque Delacerna (CU)
S2/S5 Wise Starnoid, Avatar of Hope (CU)
S3/S5 Cruel Naga, Avatar of Fate
S4/S5 Death Phoenix, Avatar of Doom
S5/S5 Aura Pegasus, Avatar of Life
3/55 Necrodragon Jagraveen
4/55 Punch Trooper Bronks
5/55 Soul Phoenix, Avatar of Unity
7/55 Cosmic Darts
9/55 Meloppe
10/55 Gigavrand
13/55 Mechadragon's Breath (CU)
14/55 Pincer Scarab
15/55 Radioactive Horn, the Strange (CU)
17/55 Hydrooze, the Mutant Emperor
18/55 Phantomach, the Gigatrooper
19/55 Nemonex, Bajula's Robomantis
20/55 Comet Eye, the Spectral Spud
22/55 Cloned Deflector
23/55 Cloned Spiral (CU)
24/55 Enigmatic Cascade (CU)
25/55 Gigabalza
26/55 Cloned Nightmare
29/55 Wingeye Moth
30/55 Cloned Spike-Horn
32/55 Sea Mutant Dormel
33/55 Gigappi Ponto
45/55 Giagrayze
47/55 Gigaslug (CU)
53/55 Turtle Horn, the Imposing (CU)

DM-13 Eternal Phoenix:
S2/S5 Auzesu, Demonic Elemental (CU)
S4/S5 Dolgeza, Veteran of Hard Battle (CU)
S5/S5 Galamuta, Matchless Fear Lord (CU)
1/55 Balhols, Demonic Elemental (CU)
4/55 Gaulzaganta, Spirit of the Woodland Ridges (CU)
15/55 Courtney, Summer Breeze Faerie
16/55 The Grave of Angels and Demons
18/55 Fortification Against Barrage and Ambush
28/55 Funnoo, Bloody Winds Officer
30/55 Tick Tick, Swift Viral Swordfighter
31/55 Judgement of the Flame's Spear and the Water's Blade (CU)
32/55 Queen Maiden, the Eternal (CU)
33/55 Paradise of Sacred Birds and Crystal (CU)
39/55 Pulpy Goobie
50/55 Pixie Cocoon
51/55 Spectral Worm Giunair (CU)

Reincarnation Saga:

DM-14 Generate Gear:
S2/S10 Glorious Heaven's Arm (CU)
S4/S10 Emerald Mist (CU)
S6/S10 Diablost, the Sahdy General (CU)
10/110 Shaman Totem (CU)
12/110 Moritz, the Spydroid (CU)
20/110 Dejiron (CU)
21/110 Triple Brain
22/110 Typhoon Bazooka (CU)
23/110 Bangren, Ancient Arhat (CU)
24/110 Leila, Butterfly Shogun of Death (CU)
25/110 Wrangle, the Hidden Heretic (CU)
26/110 Gummer, Assassination Doll (CU)
27/110 Time Tripper, Shadow of Stagnation
29/110 Crimson Back Dragon
39/110 Mirumeru, the Love Fairy
40/110 Evolution Blueprint (CU)
43/110 Regi Pael, Purple Shrine Guardian (CU)
45/110 Glory Stone
46/110 Shining Defense (CU)
47/110 Starbase Lunatron (CU)
48/110 Nostalgia Fish (CU)
51/110 Deep Juggler (CU)
52/110 Spiral Aura (CU)
54/110 Zamaru, Treasure of Darkness
55/110 Gyasuka, the Malicious Madman (CU)
56/110 Tragic Swamp (CU)
61/110 Brock, the Screw Soldier (CU)
62/110 Drill Bowgun (CU)
64/110 Crimson Rifle (CU)
67/110 Cloud Mayfly
68/110 Mind Capture (CU)
69/110 Faerie Gift (CU)
70/110 Neo Sledgehammer (CU)
72/110 Rentia, the Explorer (CU)
76/110 Cubela, the Oracle (CU)
77/110 Martial Law (CU)
87/110 Delorin, the Hidden Surprise (CU)
89/110 Automobile Man (CU)
90/110 Western Barrel, Shadow of Riots
91/110 Bloody Cymbal (CU)
93/110 Toxic Vibe (CU)
94/110 Quake Staff
95/110 Crash Lizard (CU)
96/110 Gankloak's Magnifying Glass (CU)
97/110 Explosion Lizard (CU)
98/110 Rugeeza, Assault Soldier (CU)
99/110 Pyuzero, Prince of the South Wind (CU)
101/110 Twin Turbo (CU)
102/110 Fire Blade (CU)
103/110 Surprise Totem (CU)
104/110 Brave Bell (CU)
107/110 Malulu, Fairy of the Snowy Valley
108/110 Raging Bamboo
109/110 Seventh Tower (CU)
110/110 Emerald Claw (CU)

DM-15 Secret of Hidden Gear:
S5/S5 Octillion Force
8/55 Patrial Flame (CU)
15/55 Moby, the Powerful Artilleryman (CU)
23/55 Quick Defense
24/55 Pakurio
31/55 Gyulcas, Sage of the East Wind

DM-16 Origin of Perfect Gear:
S2/S5 Cosmoview Lunatron (CU)
S3/S5 Super Necrodragon Abas Nonaris (CU)
S4/S5 Überdragon Valkyrias (CU)
6/55 Rustle, Vizier of Waltz (CU)
7/55 Heaven's Gate (CU)
13/55 Accident Eye (CU)

DM-17 The Over-Technocross:
S1/S5 Astral Tempest
S4/S5 Neo Wave Catastrophe (CU)
S5/S5 Grand Cross Catastrophe
3/55 Tsunami Catastrophe
5/55 Prominence Catastrophe
6/55 Proteus, Holy Force Elemental
7/55 Proxion, the Oracle
8/55 Variable Poker
9/55 Aqua Meister
10/55 Lagoon Mermaid
12/55 Demonic Queen Meigas
13/55 Gigadeus
14/55 Phantasm Clutch
15/55 Magmadragon Garwind
16/55 Roaring Attacker Frendios
17/55 Lioness Saucer
18/55 Big Nasdeen, Great Veggie King
22/55 Voyager, the Paladin
23/55 Punish Hold
24/55 Crack Crawler
25/55 Luna Revolver Wheel (CU)
26/55 Funny Crawler
27/55 Bone Waller, the Sturdy Barricade
28/55 Denden Percussion
29/55 Purgatory Force
30/55 Shubain, the Avenger
31/55 Flame Lance Trap (CU)
32/55 Firebird Missile
33/55 Tyrant Kuwazari
34/55 Reviving Vital Horn
36/55 Nicolaus, the Spydroid
37/55 Surfy, the Patroller
40/55 Coral Jel
41/55 Pekotan
42/55 Tempest Baby
43/55 Synapse Cube
46/55 Trouble Keyboard
47/55 Mind Reset (CU)
48/55 Meteorage Lizard
49/55 Crasher Burn
50/55 Toppa Runba
51/55 Byulah, Thief of the Red Wind
53/55 Gardener, the Invoked (CU)
54/55 Vanguard Hatchet
55/55 Dandy Nasuo (CU)

DM-18 Best Challenger:
S4/S10 Aqua Sniper
S8/S10 Astrocomet Dragon
5/140 Plasma Chaser
7/140 Gigargon
8/140 Trox, General of Destruction
10/140 Gatling Skyterror
16/140 Re Bil, Seeker of Archery (CU)
17/140 Szubs Kin, Twilight Guardian (CU)
20/140 Pulsar Tree (CU)
21/140 Laser Wing (CU)
22/140 Bonds of Justice
23/140 Crystal Lancer
24/140 Trenchdive Shark (CU)
25/140 Smile Angler
26/140 Aqua Surfer
28/140 Saucer-Head Shark (CU)
29/140 Teleportation
30/140 Gigabuster
31/140 Vile Mulder, Wing of the Void
33/140 Scratchclaw
34/140 Lost Soul
35/140 Terror Pit (CU)
37/140 Twin-Cannon Skyterror
38/140 Metalwing Skyterror (CU)
39/140 Explosive Fighter Ucarn
41/140 Rothus, the Traveler
42/140 Burst Shot
44/140 Fortress Shell
47/140 Rumbling Terahorn
48/140 Terradragon Gamiratar (CU)
51/140 Larba Geer, the Immaculate
54/140 Frei, Vizier of Air (CU)
55/140 Ruby Grass
58/140 Laser Whip
59/140  Ponitas
60/140 Thrash Crawler
62/140 Aqua Soldier (CU)
63/140 King Coral
64/140 Shock Hurricane (CU)
65/140 Brain Serum (CU)
68/140 Swamp Worm
70/140 Locomotiver
73/140 Bat Doctor, Shadow of Undeath
74/140 Dark Reversal
75/140 Armored Cannon Balbaro (CU)
76/140 Muramasa, Duke of Blades (CU)
78/140 Super Explosive Volcanodon (CU)
79/140 Onslaughter Triceps
82/140 Cyclone Panic (CU)
83/140 Barkwhip, the Smasher
84/140 Feather Horn, the Tracker (CU)
87/140 Trench Scarab (CU)
95/140 Sarius, Vizier of Suppression
96/140 Ballas, Vizier of Electrons (CU)
97/140 Vess, the Oracle
98/140 Sundrop Armor
99/140 Logic Cube (CU)
100/140 Solar Ray (CU)
103/140 Phantom Fish (CU)
104/140 Cetibols (CU)
105/140 Candy Drop (CU)
110/140 Wave Lance (CU)
113/140 Wailing Shadow Belbetphlo (CU)
114/140 Bloody Squito (CU)
118/140 Death Smoke (CU)
120/140 Ghost Touch (CU)
121/140 Fire Sweeper Bunring Hellion
122/140 Explosive Dude Joe (CU)
125/140 Brawler Zyler
127/140 Kamikaze, Chainsaw Warrior (CU)
130/140 Volcanic Arrows (CU)
131 Ambush Scorpion
136/140 Bronze-Arm Tribe (CU)
138/140 Burning Mane (CU)

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Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY. Empty Re: Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY.

Post by KazeBlack 21.03.21 22:48


The DMC sets are split into smaller sub-blocks, as several DMCs share the set and set symbol they're from. It is easier to find them purely by card number so I will list them by numeration here also.

DMC-01/02/03/04 Shobu's Blaze Deck, Kokujo's Darkness Deck, Shobu's Blaze Power-Up Pack and Kokujo's Darkness Power-Up Pack:
S1/S2 Olgate, Nightmare Samurai
S2/S2 Velyrika Dragon (CU)
1/43 Gigargon
2/43 Bolshack Dragon (CU)
3/43 Gamil, Knight of Hatred
4/43 Gigaberos
5/43 Amber Piercer
6/43 Scratchclaw
7/43 Terror Pit
8/43 Metalwing Skyterror
9/43 Boltail Dragon
10/43 Nomad Hero Gigio
11/43 Rothus, the Traveler
12/43 Dogarn, the Marauder
13/43 Hang Worm, Fetid Larva
14/43 Gray Balloon, Shadow of Greed
15/43 Bone Spider
16/43 Dark Reversal
17/43 Stonesaur
18/43 Meteosaur
19/43 Cavalry General Curatops
20/43 Tornado Flame
21/43 Skeleton Soldier, the Defiled (CU)
22/43 Bone Assassin, the Ripper
23/43 Horrid Worm
24/43 Wailing Shadow Belbetphlo
25/43 Blood Squito
26/43 Writhing Bone Ghoul
27/43 Wandering Braineater
28/43 Bone Piercer
29/43 Marrow Ooze, the Twister
30/43 Death Smoke
31/43 Snake Attack
32/43 Ghost Touch
33/43 Fire Sweeper Burning Hellion
34/43 Explosive Dude Joe
35/43 Baby Zoppe
36/43 Immortal Baron, Vorg
37/43 Engineer Kipo
38/43 Snip Striker Bullraizer
39/43 Mini Titan Gett
40/43 Brawler Zyler
41/43 Deadly Fighter Braid Claw
42/43 Rumble Gate
43/43 Crimson Hammer (CU)

DMC-09/10/11/12 Shobu's Dragon Legend Deck, Hakuoh's Holy Spirit Deck, Shobu's Dragon Legend Power-Up Pack and Hakuoh's Holy Spirit Power-Up Pack:
1/44 Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits (CU)
4/44 Syforce, Aurora Elemental
5/44 Gariel, Elemental of Sunbeams
6/44 Armored Decimator Valkaizer
7/44 Bazagazeal Dragon
9/44 Rikabu's Screwdriver
10/44 Apocalypse Vise (CU)
12/44 Geoshine, Spectral Knight
14/44 Protective Force
16/44 Bruiser Dragon (CU)
17/44 Migasa, Adept of Chaos
18/44 Cocco Lupia (CU)
19/44 Comet Missile (CU)
20/44 Misha, Channeler of Suns
21/44 Chen Treg, Vizier of Blades (CU)
26/44 Bex, the Oracle
30/44 Yuluk, the Oracle
34/44 Legionnaire Lizard (CU)
35/44 Gazarias Dragon (CU)
37/44 Magmadragon Melgars
38/44 Wild Racer Chief Garan
40/44 Missile Soldier Ultimo
41/44 Totto Pipicchi (CU)
42/44 Kip Chippotto
43/44 Choya, the Unheeding
44/44 Phantom Dragon's Flame

DMC-13 CoroCoro New Generation Pack:
S2/S2 Mirror Force Dragon (CU)
1/37 Arc Bine, the Astounding
2/37 Aquan (CU)
3/37 Scream Slicer, Shadow of Fear (CU)
4/37 Bazagazeal Dragon
5/37 Storm Wrangler, the Furious
6/37 Larba Geer, the Immaculate (CU)
7/37 Mist Rias, Sonic Guardian
8/37 Neon Cluster
9/37 Curious Eye
10/37 Baraga, Blade of Gloom
11/37 Gray Balloon, Shadow of Greed
12/37 Otherworldly Warrior Naglu
13/37 Barkwhip, the Smasher
14/37 Silver Fist
15/37 Innocent Hunter, Blade of All
16/37 Rodi Gale, Night Guardian
17/37 Reso Pacos, Clear Sky Guardian
18/37 Sol Galla, Halo Guardian
19/37 Gulan Rias, Speed Guardian
20/37 Titanium Cluster
21/37 Sopian
22/37 Candy Cluster (CU)
23/37 Steam Star
24/37 Grape Globbo
25/37 Grim Soul, Shadow of Reversal
26/37 Shadow Moon, Cursed Shade
27/37 Wailing Shadow Belbetphlo
28/37 Lone Tear, Shadow of Solitude
29/37 Armored Scout Gestuchar
30/37 Astronaut Skyterror
31/37 Torpedo Skyterror
32/37 Gazarias Dragon
33/37 Automated Weaponmaster Machai
34/37 Magmadragon Melgars
35/37 Mighty Bandit, Ace of Thieves
36/37 Silver Axe
37/37 Quixotic Hero Swine Snout

DMC-14/15/16/17 Crimson Armorloids Deck, Eternal Dragons Deck, Guardian Blue Deck and Dark Warriors Deck:
1/78 Glena Vuele, the Hypnotic
2/78 Megaria, Empress of Dread
3/78 Vailant Warrior Exorious
4/78 Kachua, Keeper of the Icegate (CU)
5/78 Thrumiss, Zephyr Guardian
6/78 Nariel, the Oracle
7/78 Pala Olesis, Morning Guardian
8/78 Holy Awe
9/78 Aquan
10/78 Bazagazeal Dragon
11/78 Rothus, the Traveler
12/78 Simian Warrior Grash
13/78 Smash Warrior Stagrandu (CU)
14/78 Apocalypse Vise
15/78 Rumbling Terahorn
16/78 Charmilia, the Enticer
17/78 Soderlight, the Cold Blade
18/78 Bulgluf, the Spydroid
19/78 Berochika, Channeler of Suns
20/78 Frei, Vizier of Air
21/78 Diamond Cutter
22/78 Wave Lance (CU)
23/78 Mongrel Man
24/78 Gigamente
25/78 Gachack, Mechanical Doll
26/78 Proclamation of Death
27/78 Otherworldly Warrior Naglu
28/78 Gigio‘s Hammer
29/78 Explosive Trooper Zalmez
30/78 Cocco Lupia (CU)
31/78 Burst Shot
32/78 Tornado Flame
33/78 Volcano Charger
34/78 Fist of Forever
35/78 Bliss Totem, Avatar of Luck
36/78 Dracodance Totem
37/78 Estol, Vizier of Aqua
38/78 Tajimal, Vizier of Aqua
39/78 Melnia, the Aqua Shadow
40/78 Galek, the Shadow Warrior
41/78 Wind Axe, the Warrior Savage
42/78 Misha, Channeler of Suns
43/78 Flohdani, the Spydroid
44/78 Messa Bahna, Expanse Guardian
45/78 Lightning Grass
46/78 Jil Warka, Time Guardian
47/78 Kalute, Vizier of Eternity
48/78 La Ura Giga, Sky Guardian
49/78 Tulk, the Oracle (CU)
50/78 Solar Ray
51/78 Fluorogill Manta
52/78 Eureka Charger
53/78 Energy Stream
54/78 Spiral Gate (CU)
55/78 Bat Doctor, Shadow of Undeath
56/78 Hourglass Mutant
57/78 Venom Capsule
58/78 Jewel Spider
59/78 Propeller Mutant (CU)
60/78 Lone Tear, Shadow of Solitude
61/78 Marrow Ooze, the Twister
62/78 Zombie Carnival
63/78 Death Smoke
64/78 Gazarias Dragon
65/78 Magmadragon Melgars
66/78 Automated Weaponmaster Machai
67/78 Siege Roller Bagash
68/78 Fatal Attacker Horvath
69/78 Aerodactyl Kooza
70/78 Kamikaze, Chainsaw Warrior
71/78 Relentless Blitz (CU)
72/78 Terradragon Regarion
73/78 Bakkra Horn, the Silent
74/78 Jiggly Totem
75/78 Rainbow Stone
76/78 Dimension Gate
77/78 Faerie Life (CU)
78/78 Totto Pipicchi

DMC-18/20/21 Shobu's Holy Dragon Deck, Shobu's Holy Dragon Power-Up Pack and Zakira's Dragon Commander Power-Up Pack:
S1/S2 Necrodragon Bazradyuda
2/102 Heavyweight Dragon
3/102 Alshia, Nova Elemental
5/102 Frost Specter, Shadow of Age
7/102 Necrodragon Bagrazard
10/102 Gigajiras (CU)
11/102 Scratchclaw
13/102 Boltail Dragon
14/102 Twin-Cannon Skyterror
15/102 Apocalypse Vise
16/102 Blizzard of Spears
17/102 Terradragon Zalberg
18/102 Elf-X (CU)
20/102 Lightning Charger
21/102 Dracobarrier
22/102 Static Warp
23/102 Rain of Arrows
24/102 Protective Force
28/102 Locomotiver
29/102 Necrodragon Zekira (CU)
30/102 Dimension Splitter
31/102 Venom Worm
32/102 Lost Soul
33/102 Venom Charger
34/102 Bolgash Dragon
35/102 Bruiser Dragon
39/102 Cocco Lupia (CU)
42/102 Fist of Forever
43/102 Supersonic Jet Pack
44/102 Melnia, the Aqua Shadow
47/102 Slash and Burn
48/102 Reap and Sow
49/102 Sanfist, the Savage Vizier
50/102 Chekicul, Vizier of Endurance
51/102 Fonch, the Oracle
52/102 Kolon, the Oracle
53/102 Kanesill, the Explorer
54/102 Jil Warka, Time Guardian (CU)
55/102 Sarius, Vizier of Suppression
56/102 Sol Galla, Halo Guardian
57/102 Ferrosaturn, Spectral Knight
58/102 Vess, the Oracle
59/102 Solar Trap
60/102 Steel-Turret Cluster
61/102 Sopian
63/102 Fist Blader
65/102 Construction Mutant
66/102 Cursed Pincher
67/102 Trixo, Wicked Doll
69/102 Horrid Worm (CU)
71/102 Grinning Axe, the Monstrosity
73/102 Propeller Mutant
75/102 Zombie Carnival (CU)
77/102 Snake Attack (CU)
78/102 Darkpact
79/102 Critical Blade
80/102 Legionnaire Lizard (CU)
81/102 Gazarias Dragon
82/102 Quakesaur
83/102 Magmadragon Melgars
89/102 Gett's Saw (CU)
91/102 Pippie Kuppie (CU)
92/102 Ten-Ton Crunch
93/102 Rumble Gate
95/102 Phantom Dragon's Flame
97/102 Terradragon Regarion
98/102 Bakkra Horn, the Silent
99/102 Silver Axe
100/102 Dimension Gate (CU)
101/102 Faerie Life (CU)
102/102 Roar of the Earth

DMC-22/23/24 Hell Boost Half Deck, Speed Burn Half Deck and Illusion Blue Half Deck:
1/43 Forest Sword, Great Hero
2/43  Blue Dinosaur
3/43 Fire Barett, Armed Soldier
4/43 Teleportation
5/43 Typhoon Bazooka
6/43 Gummer, Assassination Doll (CU)
7/43 Rothus, the Traveler
8/43 Hell's Scrapper (CU)
9/43 Shaman Broccoli
10/43 Aqua Surfer
11/43 Starbase Lunatron
12/43 Thrash Crawler
13/43 Aqua Soldier
14/43 Brain Serum
15/43 Swamp Worm
16/43 Lost Soul
17/43 Tragic Swamp (CU)
18/43 Meteosaur
19/43 Cutthroat Skyterror
21/43 Comet Missile (CU)
22/43 Barkwhip, the Smasher
23/43 Enchanted Soil
24/43 Rosa Rossa
25/43 Candy Drop (CU)
26/43 Madrillon Fish
27/43 Marine Flower (CU)
28/43 Spiritual Water
29/43 Energy Stream
30/43 Bloody Cymbal
31/43 Death Smoke
32/43 Rikabu, the Dismantler
33/43 Pyuzero, Prince of the South Wind
34/43 Kooc Pollon
35/43 Deadly Fighter Braid Claw
36/43 Ten-Ton Crunch
38/43 Mighty Shouter
39/43 Bronze-Arm Tribe
40/43 Burning Mane
41/43 Dreaming Moon Knife
42/43 Ultimate Force
43/43 Faerie Life (CU)

DMC-26 Hakuoh's Angel Kingdom Deck:
1/45 Elupheus, Lord of Spirits (CU)
4/46 Ularus, Punishment Elemental
6/46 Patrial Flame
11/45 Valkyer, Starstorm Elemental (CU)
12/45 Toel, Vizier of Hope
15/45 Iocant, the Oracle
16/45 Diamond Cutter
17/45 Martial Law
19/45 Shining Defense (CU)
28/45 Kolon, the Oracle
29/45 Iere, Vizier of Bullets
30/45 Arissa, Vizier of Holy Strikes
31/45 Malta, the Oracle
32/45 Belmol, the Explorer
33/45 Reusol, the Oracle
35/45 Reverse Armor

DMC-27 CoroCoro Dream Pack:
S3/S5 Ballom, Master of Death
S5/S5 Fighter Dual Fang (CU)
6/55 Kizar Basiku, the Outrageous
7/55 Thrumiss, Zephyr Guardian
8/55 Aeris, Flight Elemental
9/55 Hypersquid Walter
10/55 Hydro Hurricane
11/55 Streaming Tutor
12/55 Photocide, Lord of the Wastes
13/55 Amber Piercer
15/55 Cannoneer Bargon
16/55 Rikabu's Screwdriver (CU)
17/55 Apocalypse Vise (CU)
18/55 Dawn Giant
19/55 Elf-X
20/55 Brutal Charge
22/55 Rainbow Arrow (CU)
23/55 Rain of Arrows
24/55 King Ponitas
25/55 Stinger Ball (CU)
26/55 Riptide Charger
28/55 Dimension Splitter (CU)
29/55 Scheming Hands
30/55 Cavalry General Curatops
31/55 Cocco Lupia (CU)
32/55 Fist of Forever (CU)
33/55 Bliss Totem, Avatar of Luck
34/55 Innocent Hunter, Blade of All
35/55 Enchanted Soil
37/55 Fonch, the Oracle
38/55 Kanesill, the Explorer
39/55 Sundrop Armor (CU)
42/55 Marine Flower (CU)
43/55 Energy Stream (CU)
44/55 Necrodragon Giland
47/55 Corpse Charger
48/55 Pyrofighter Magnus (CU)
49/55 Missile Soldier Ultimo (CU)
50/55 Snip Striker Bullraizer
51/55 Rumble Gate
52/55 Terradragon Regarion
53/55 Crow Winger
54/55 Sniper Mosquito
55/55 Blossom Trap (CU)


Promotional Year 1:
WINNER Gigaberos
WINNER Barkwhip, the Smasher
P1/* Super Explosive Volcanodon (CU)
P3/* Gigagiele (CU)
P5/* Divine Machine Armor Valborg
P6/* Iere, Vizier of Bullets
P7/* Rothus, the Traveler
P8/* Explosive Fighter Ucarn
P9/* Crystal Lancer
P11/* Überdragon Zaschack
P13/* Boltail Dragon
P14/* Giliam, the Tormentor
P15/* Amnis, Holy Elemental (CU)
P16/* Aquan (CU)
P17/* Aeris, Flight Elemental
P18/* Photocide, Lord of the Wastes
P19/* Mist Rias, Sonic Guardian
P20/* Locomotiver
P21/* Ballus, Dogfight Enforcer Q
P22/* Brigade Shell Q
P23/* Bolgash Dragon
P24/* Gigakail
P25/* Skullsweeper Q
P26/* Divine Machine Armor Valborg

Promotional Year 2:
P1/Y2 Schuka, Duke of Amnesia (CU)
P2/Y2 Q-tronic Omnistrain
P3/Y2 Cutthroat Skyterror
P4/Y2 Neon Cluster
P6/Y2 Faerie Life
P7/Y2 Faerie Life
P8/Y2 Wicked Soul Reincarnation
P9/Y2 Saberfili, the Paladin
P9b/Y2 Saberfili, the Paladin
P10/Y2 Titanium Cluster
P11/Y2 Aqua Fencer
P12/Y2 Valkrowzer, Ultra Rock Beast (CU)
P14/Y2 Überdragon Baham* (CU)
P16/Y2 Totto Pipicchi (CU)
P19/Y2 Missile Soldier Ultimo**
P20/Y2 Magmadragon Melgars (CU)
P21/Y2 Kyrstron, Lair Delver
P22/Y2 Aqua Grappler
P23/Y2 Dyno Mantis, the Mightspinner
P24/Y2 Galberius Dragon (CU)
P26/Y2 Solid Horn
*the regular, not the P14b/Y2 (WINNER) version!
**the regular, not the P19b/Y2 version!

Promotional Year 3:
P1/Y3 Dolmarks, the Shadow Warrior
P2/Y3 Glaris, Electro-Elemental (CU)
P3/Y3 Überdragon Zaschack
P4/Y3 Brad, Super Kickin' Dynamo
P5/Y3 Estol, Vizier of Aqua
P6/Y3 Tagtapp, the Retaliator
P7/Y3 Hustle Berry
P8/Y3 Galzark, Divine Destruction Dragonmech
P9/Y3 Melnia, the Aqua Shadow
P10/Y3 Brain Serum
P11/Y3 Wind Axe, the Warrior Savage
P13/Y3 Astral Warper
P14/Y3 Hide and Seek
P15/Y3 Hearty Cap'n Polligon
P16/Y3 Hazaria, Duke of Thorns (CU)
P17/Y3 Psychic Shaper
P18/Y3 Phantomach, the Gigatrooper
P19/Y3 Nemonex, Bajula's Robomantis
P21/Y3 Spectral Horn Glitalis
P23/Y3 Future Slash
P24/Y3 Hypersprint Warrior Uzesol
P25/Y3 Mechadragon's Breath
P26/Y3 Fever Nuts
P27/Y3 Super Dragon Machine Dolzark
P29/Y3 Asteria, Heaven's Blessing Elemental
P30/Y3 Zardia, Bloody Winds Elemental
P31/Y3 Tick Tick, Swift Viral Swordfighter
P32/Y3 Terradragon Soulgardas
P33/Y3 Necrodragon Zekira
P34/Y3 Überdragon Baham
P35/Y3 Dyno Mantis, the Mightspinner
P36/Y3 Glaris, Electro-Elemental
P37/Y3 Forte, Brave Fear Lord
P38/Y3 Queen Maiden, the Eternal
P39/Y3 Jasper, the Stubborn

Promotional Year 4:
P1/Y4 Demonic Protector
P2/Y4 Gravity Dragon
P4/Y4 Pyuzero, Prince of the South Wind
P5/Y4 Fire Blade
P6/Y4 Evolution Blueprint
P7/Y4 Dreaming Moon Knife
P9/Y4 Invisible Suit
P10/Y4 Neo Sledgehammer
P11/Y4 Kamikaze Zephyr (CU)
P12/Y4 Gyulcas, Sage of the East Wind
P13/Y4 Faerie Scoop (CU)
P14/Y4 Inferno Scissors (CU)
P15/Y4 Marinomancer (CU)
16/Y4 Dark Jios, Dark Dragon Lord
P17/Y4 Chain Helix
P18/Y4 Sky Soldier Wingraios
P19/Y4 Fokker, Rider of the North Wind
P20/Y4 X Revolver Dragon (CU)
P22/Y4 Noble Enforcer
P23/Y4 Neo Bolshack Dragon
P24/Y4 Leopard Glory Sword
P25/Y4 Neo Bolshack Dragon
P26/Y4 Magmadragon Gardos
P27/Y4 Big Nasdeen, Great Veggie King
P28/Y4 Dark Jios, Dark Dragon Lord
P29/Y4 Dandy Nasuo
P31/Y4 Proteus, Holy Force Elemental
P32/Y4 Surfy, the Patroller
P34/Y4 Funny Crawler
P35/Y4 Gigadeus
P36/Y4 Purgatory Force
P37/Y4 Twin-Cannon Skyterror
P38/Y4 Deadly Fighter Braid Claw
P39/Y4 Rumbling Terahorn
P40/Y4 Poisonous Mushroom
P41/Y4 Helios Tiga Dragon
P42/Y4 Dark Salamandaz, White Tiger Swordsman

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Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY. Empty Re: Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY.

Post by KazeBlack 21.03.21 22:49


TCG ONLY (Cards with no OCG printing) :

TCG Exclusives:
TCG DM-06 61/110 Intense Evil (EN)
TCG DM-07 47/55 Cryptic Totem (EN)
TCG Y1M M1/Y1 Loth Rix, the Iridescent (CU, EN)
TCG Y1M M3/M4 Gigagrax (CU, EN)
TCG Y1M M4/M5 Star-Cry Dragon (CU, EN)

TCG Altered Arts:
TCD DM-10 62a/110 Armored Raider Gandaval
TCG Y1 T3 Y1 Holy Awe (CU)
TCG Y2 T1 Y2 Snip Striker Bullraizer
TCG Y2 T2 Y2 Photocide, Lord of the Wastes
TCG Y2 T3/Y2 Crystal Lancer
TCG Y1L L3/6 Y1 Amnis, Holy Elemental (CU)
TCG Y1M M6/Y1 Ur Pale, Seeker of Sunlight
TCG Y1M M7/Y1 Toel, Vizier of Hope (EN)
TCG Y1M M8/Y1 Aqua Jolter (EN)
TCG Y1M M9/Y1 Aqua Hulcus
TCG Y1M M10/Y1 Gigastand
TCG Y1M M11/Y1 Dark Raven, Shadow of Grief
TCG Y1M M12/Y1 Mongrel Man
TCG Y1M M13/Y1 Super Explosive Volcanodon (EN)
TCG Y1M M14/Y1 Rothus, the Traveler (CU, EN)
TCG Y1M M15/Y1 Mighty Shouter

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Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY. Empty Re: Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY.

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Placeholders, baby!

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Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY. Empty Re: Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY.

Post by KazeBlack 21.03.21 22:50

Okay, in terms of placeholders this is the last one!

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Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY. Empty Re: Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY.

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Just kidding!

But now this really is the last one. No more placeholders. I'm done. For real. YES I'M DONE! Laughing

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Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY. Empty Re: Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY.

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Year 1 block is now complete!
The update includes:
- DM-03, 04 and 05
- DMC-01, 02, 03 and 04
- Promo Year 1
- Addition of different colors to distinguish the blocks better for easier navigation.
- some typo fixes

It will be some time until the next update as I'm experiencing a delay for the new folders I have ordered for storage. I cannot really continue until I have them so I can re-slot my cards. Of course I will be writing the lists ahead without marking the cards that I have.

My birthday is early May so that's a weekend where I won't be writing the lists (I mainly do this at the weekend as it's time consuming, go figure) so I expect an update on this mid of May the earliest, about a month from now.
The next update will contain the second block, Fighting Spirit Saga and I can probably also push the DMC/Promo block into it as well, as I have a good chunk of it complete.

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Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY. Empty Re: Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY.

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Small update. I have obtained the following and the list has been updated accordingly. Do not offer these any more unless they're still listed as Condition Upgrade.

DM-01 S4/S10 King Depthcon
DM-01 S7/S10 Astrocomet Dragon
DM-01 S10/S10 Roaring Great-Horn
DM-01 9/110 Tower Shell
DM-01 10/110 Thorny Mandra
DM-02 S1/S5 Ladia Bale, the Inspirational
DM-02 S3/S5 Ultracide Worm
DM-02 5/55 Xeno Mantis

Changed to Condition Upgrade:
DM-01 S6/S10 Zagaan, Knight of Darkness
DM-01 S9/S10 Deathblade Beetle
DM-01 15/110 Holy Awe
DM-01 16/110 Laser Wing
DM-01 17/110 Aqua Knight

Thanks to everyone again who was involved in these trades. I have a fairly large shipment arrive soon to knock out a few more from the list. You can expect that update to hit some time this week or so, next week the latest.

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Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY. Empty Re: Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY.

Post by KazeBlack 08.05.21 19:50


As mentioned before, the shipment I was awaiting has finally arrived. The list has been updated accordingly. Do not offer these any more unless they're still listed as Condition Upgrade.

I will review a few Condition Upgrades that are on my list right now. I want to be less picky about CUs and be more generous about bad surface and backside damage in future. The cards are collection folder material anyways and will never be taken out off their sleeve so anything that doesn't have visible frontal, surface or border damage goes. To me, it does not have to be Mint as long it still appears Mint.

DM-03 S2/S5 Chaos Fish
DM-03 S5/S5 Earthstomp Giant
DM-03 02/55 Legendary Bynor

Changed to Condition Upgrade:
DM-02 4/55 Bolzard Dragon
DM-03 03/55 Jack Viper, Shadow of Doom
DM-03 05/55 Gigamantis

Thanks to my friend Ryoma who hooked me up with this stuff.

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- Fighting Spirit Saga added. Includes the following:

DM Main sets: DM-06/07/08/09
DMC sets: DMC-09/10/11/12
Promotional Year 2

I have the full DMC-05/06/07/08 in Mint condition already, that's why it's absent here. I have made a list for it as well of course which can be seen in the PDF, it is just completely filled up. I have not forgotten about it Smile

What I did forget about is DMC-13 being part of this block as well. I will stuff it into this thread in a few days. I will not make an extra update for it, but once it's up I'll make a facebook announcement.
I have a rather serious tooth issue which gave me a lot of headache over the past couple of weeks and writing these lists takes a lot of concentration so I had to put this on pause for a while. I'm in treatment now finally and already feeling much better. Long story short my jaw is too small and pressing my teeth against each other, causing them to move out off place which results in their roots getting tightened and infected which can result in cyst growth and worse. It's a heritable condition. My aunt has this as well, although not as bad as me.  

I wanted to have this out at beginning of June the latest. Sorry for the delay. At least I got all folders I need now so my progress with the next block should be much quicker once I start working on it. I'll do that once I'm off meds, that's in about 2 weeks. The meds I'm taking right now are really strong and I'm oftentimes pretty tired because of them so I rather go to bed early than stay up late and write lists. DMC-13 is not an issue to add though, it's a pretty small set so I'll have it done in a reasonable amount of time.

EDIT: I have added DMC-13. I'm actually lacking most of it and would love to fill some of those gaps fairly soon.

The next block update will cover the first multicolor block, which is:

- DM-10-13 (yes, while being OCG only, DM-13 is part of this block. TCG back then was discontinued without finishing it up)
- DMC-14-21
- Promotional 3
- a hidden block for Signed cards and artist proofs which I will not list here just like completed sets, since it's unbound by set and infinitely expansive.

This is A LOT of cards, thus will be split into 2 updates. 1 update will contain the main sets and Promos and the 2nd one will be exclusive for the DMC sets (and aforementioned hidden Signed block). Unlike DMC-13 I will actually cover this in 2 posts, with the 2nd post being a simple information bump.

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Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY. Empty Re: Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY.

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- Added Holy Fist Saga, Part 1. This includes:

Main sets: DM-10/11/12/13
Promotional Year 3

As mentioned in my previous post this is a big block to cover so it is split into 2 updates, this being the first. The other will function as a thread bump containing DMC-14 all the way up to 21.

I have pretty much resolved the issue with my teeth, I'm still under medical observation however I should be done with it fairly soon, the only reason why I was able to pump out this update so quickly is because I am already feeling much better and the medication I was undergoing for the time being had less effect on my body than anticipated. I had the update scheduled for mid of August the earliest, now this is probably when Part 2 drops. Then I'll get vaccinated and may have to take a small break, but that isn't so bad and here is why:
I'm approaching the end of the TCG stack and I've noticed when writing DM-13 it took me way longer than the other sets because of placeholder work* I had to do in my old COS since it doesn't have a TCG counterpart. There is gonna be a lot of that in the upcoming Reincarnation Saga so there will be a lot of delay and I for sure can already say this will be another 2-parter if not 3-parter (I will have to check again how much there is to cover in total), it will be a chore to get through so there won't be a proper update for a long time.

*About placeholder work: Basically I need two of the same card, 1 for my old COS and 1 for my new one. Of the old sets I mostly have only 1 copy per card, so I have to insert a placeholder into my old COS so I keep track of where to find card X. This is THE most time consuming process about this whole transitioning but it is very important as otherwise I would loose track about what I've already written over and what I haven't.

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Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY. Empty Re: Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY.

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Here is the 2nd part of the 2nd Block Update:

This includes:
- DMC-14-17
- DMC-18-21

You may have noticed that DMC-19 is not listed here. I have it complete in Mint, so it is fully cut from this list. As other full sets, it is still listed in the PDF.

The next update will be a two parter. The first update will cover the 4 main sets of the Reincarnation Saga, the other will contain DMC-22/23/24 as well as DMC-25 and 26 and the Promotional Block for Year 4. As I already said before, the main sets of this block require me to chew through a lot of time consuming placeholder work. You will notice that apart from DM-17, the lists of these main sets will not be very big. This is because in the past I've already put a lot of effort into these sets in order to complete them. Before I started my 100% I was actively working on DM-14 and was about to jump into DM-17 as I have hardly any gaps left to fill in DM-14. My focus will probably shift now in order to fill some holes and shorten up my Wants list, but keep DM-17 as a secondary collecting goal.

DMS-04 (and DMS-05 for the DM-18 update) will also be added as PDF. They will not show up here, as I have them complete (it's only 1 card per deck either way, everything else is skipped over as they share card numbers with the main set).

DM-18 and DMC-27 will be separate block update that will follow after.

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Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY. Empty Re: Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY.

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Special announcement:

- DM-06 Bolmeteus Steel Dragon

Received this special beauty today. Gorgeous, isn't it? Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY. 1f60d
That's one big milestone off the list.

Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY. RHgjikY

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Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY. Empty Re: Kaze's road to 100% OCG (Buy/Trade) - JAPANESE ONLY.

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I was going through some unsorted Darkness bulk I had laying around and found a few things I needed. I have also rearranged the older 'Obtained' update lists to contain less text and have better spacing so they're much easier on the eyes.

DM-09 Bat Doctor, Shadow of Undeath
DM-12 11/55 Steamroller Mutant
DM-12 36/55 Bingole, the Explorer
DM-12 44/55 Necrodragon Zalva
DM-12 46/55 Windmill Mutant

Changed to Condition Upgrade:
DM-03 12/55 Gamil, Knight of Hatred
DM-03 29/55 Eldritch Poison
DM-09 29/55 Grinning Hunger
DM-09 45/55 Trixo, Wicked Doll
DM-10 26/110 Upheaval
DM-11 25/55 Jagila, the Hidden Pillager
DM-12 47/55 Gigaslug

DMC-02 21/43 Skeleton Soldier, the Defiled
DMC-17 59/78 Propeller Mutant
DMC-21 74/102 Zombie Carnival

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Added Reincarnation Saga, Part 1.
This includes the following:
- DM-14 to DM-17
- DMS-04 (hidden due to being fully complete)

As mentioned before several times, due to the massive amount of placeholder work the Y4 Promo block wandered into the 2nd update. Thanks to a one-week vacation I was able to get through this in a timely manner so far but now that I got work on my hands again there will obviously be delay and I have no estimate yet on where the next update will hit. Thankfully the DMCs are quite small which is why I didn't split this into 3 parts and instead separated DM-18 and DMC-27 to be their own thing.

There may be delay in future as well because of other issues that will hit me down the line, I think I'll be getting through the DM-18/DMC-27 block just fine but after that my stack of sleeves will have run pretty dry and I'm out off folders as well. I will be doing a huge import end of August where all my money will go into so until I got my sales from that I may have to take a forced pause on the 100% until all that stuff arrives which would happen mid to end of September the earliest.

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Here is the 2nd part of the 3rd Block Update:

This includes:
- DMC-22/23/24
- DMC-26
- Promotional Year 4

DM-25 is a set I've got complete, it is a shared list with DMC-26 so don't be surprised to see the card numbers go all the way up to 43. The full list can be viewed in the PDF.

As I've touched on prior, the next Block Update will sum up DM-18 Best Challenger and the DMC-27 CoroCoro Pack. I've excluded them from this update as there is a mad amount of placeholders in them and DM-18 with its 150 entries is one of the biggest sets to write lists for in general. As of now I can't really say when I'll have them finished. It depends on how much free time I've got after work.
Then there is the fact I'l have to spend another whoppingly huge amount of bucks on equipment, but with that investment I should be able to get all the way up to DMR in terms of folders and into the 30s of regular DM main sets with sleeves and avoid any forced breaks.

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Added the (officially unnamed) Reprint Block and TCG only releases. This includes:
- DM-18
- DM-27
- TCG Exclusives
- TCG Altered Arts
- Various Typo fixes in both thread and PDF.

Defining TCG Only:
There is actually a couple cards I totally forgot about, and that’s stuff that was only released in the TCG. While I aim for OCG completion, it wouldn’t be a proper 100% if I didn’t include those.

What this means:
- All completely TCG exclusive cards that have new art.
- All retrained cards such as Cranium Clamp that share OCG art.
- Any alternate artworks and SR edits that the OCG never saw.

The McDonald's ones come in French as well. However, I would preferably obtain these in English as their card values are more longterm stable. I would only accept them in French if they're pretty much Mint. Those marked with EN are cards that must be offered in English, and NM condition or better.

Yes, I do have a Mint Condition Neve. It is NOT for trade, so don’t ask.


The next block will be Phoenix Saga which is the worst and most unpleasant block to do as it's a boring 5 main set chore. I hate this block and while not being the longest and me having a good chunk of it complete I'm pretty unmotivated to work on it, not gonna lie.
Leaving a reminder for myself here so I don't forget to add DM-22+1D.

This will be a two parter, the first update will cover the 5 main sets and the 2nd update tackles the rest.

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