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Selling a lot of rares and expensive cards


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Selling a lot of rares and expensive cards Empty Selling a lot of rares and expensive cards

Post by patrikmeng 15.08.19 14:58

Hello. Smile

I am selling a lot of rares and expensive cards. I come from Denmark, but I can ship internationally. The most expensive cards are the following:

Crystal Paladin
Urth, purifying elemental
King depthcon
King Aquakamui
King Tsunami
Q-tronic hypermind
Stallob, The lifequasher
Phantasmal Horror Gigazald (x2)
Death Cruzer, the annihilator
Ultra Mantis scourge of fate
terradragon arque delacerna
super dragon machine dolzark
aura pegasus, avatar of life
astrocomet dragon
scarlet skyterror
lava walker executo
├╝berdragon jabaha
invincible unity
Diamondia, the Blizzard Rider (x2)
Bronze-Arm Tribe Atari
Holy awe (x4)
Yuliana, Channeler of Suns
Forbos, Sanctum Guardian Q
Magris, Vizier of Magnetism
Bonds of Justice
Pharzi, the Oracle
Live and Breathe
Hide and Seek
Kyrstron, Lair Delver
Sapian Tark, Flame Dervish
Rikabu's Screwdriver
Bazagazeal Dragon (x2)
Bolgash Dragon (x3)
Earth Ripper, Talon of Rage
Radioactive Horn, the Strange
Ice Vapor, Shadow of Anguish
Zombie Carnival (x2)
Terror Pit
Frost Specter, Shadow of Age (x2)
Morbid Medicine
Hazaria, Duke of Thorns
Aqua Surfer

I also have a lot of other cards, who are less expensive. Furthermore, I have about 200 cards which are on the cheap end (0.5-1 euro) pr card. Feel free to ask any questions you want, I can also provide you with pictures and whatnot, if thats desired.

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