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Review of Revolution Final Legend Rares is up on DMwiki

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Review of Revolution Final Legend Rares is up on DMwiki Empty Review of Revolution Final Legend Rares is up on DMwiki

Post by Mr-ex777 14.02.17 11:07

Original Source; 100% Made by me

I imported this table to here to make it easier to discuss for you guys.

Legend RareRatingReason
Puchohenza, Mia Moja9/10This is the first legend rare revealed for Revolution Final and its appearance has shocked many players. It has Revolution Change from Light or Nature Dragons, which means that it can be spawned from Gaial Kaiser, the Victorious, The=Deadbrachio, World Evil Dragonkind and Kernel, Blue Stagnation Dragon Elemental, and its final Revolution puts everything with fewer power than it into the mana zone. It removes lots of stuff and even removes Redzone, Roaring Invasion, and while it removes your own creatures too, Puchohenza's next ability utilizes this weakness to your opponent's peril! When your opponent puts a creature into the battle zone that costs less than the number of cards in your mana zone, it is put tapped, so stopping its attacks is totally useless since it can just beat back your creatures one by one. I don't give it a 10 because it's very easily removed, and from my experience it gets removed next turn and you cannot really rely on it to be honest.
Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader 10/10This is known as the symbol of power creep in duel masters history and ironically at first it does not seem that bad. It gives all of your multicolored creatures speed attacker and its final revolution spams any number of non-evo multicolored creatures that have a total cost of 6 from your hand or mana into the battle zone. Sounds lackluster right? Wrong. The card is basically very good at what little it can spam. It can spam Victorious Apache Urara or Retisha, Guide of Victory to spam psychics, multiple Taiga, the Warrior Savage and Hamukatsuman Buster, No.1 Wind for a 3 turn kill, and later on a 5 civilization variant can spam Linnevenus, M Demon Dragon which spammed Magnum, Shortshot and Rafululu, Sound Faerie from the grave for a high kill rate one shot. This is literally one of the cards that anyone can use and win, although you do need some micromanagement and tco shuffles can really screw you.
VV-8, Forbidden Machine8.5/10The second water civilization legend and the Forbidden of Water, this is at first speculated as another lackluster legend like Gyuujinmaru, Legendary Identity. But in reality...it's shit strong! When you put this creature into the battle zone you reveal the top 5 cards of your deck and put 2 into your hand and the rest are this creature's seals. Which means that you can control the contents of this creature's seals and Super Eternal Spark can get you extra shield triggers. But the best thing is while awakening it is hard as water commands are not that spammable, when it has no seals on it, you take an extra turn! This is extremely powerful as while you can't spam creatures that well with most of the decks that use it save for the very hard to operate Adamski deckout, but Extra turns are still Extra turns and as you can see in Bombazar's case you can see what Extra turns are actually able of. The only weakness is that it's quite slow so it cannot save you in a pinch and thus you must set it up in advance.
Blackout, Zero Invasion7.5/10This guy is the poster boy of DMR-22 but seriously he's pretty lackluster. He does have the new ZERO ability that could be effective against psychics and invasion/revolution change, but his Redzone-like destruction effect needs a D2 Field which is a big minus. However despite being treated as a glorified copy of Zagaan, Knight of Darkness initially, it actually gets used as it's a free bait for Black Psycho, Revenge, Deadzone, S-Rank Zombie and Kill the Vorof, Rebellion of K. It also costs 6 so it removes FORBIDDEN STAR ~World's Last Day~'s seals which is good. Overall nothing too flashy or broken, solid card.
Miradante Twelve, Time Pope10/10"Pure Evil" is how you describe this card. It again is another final revolutionary with the ability to cast a light spell that costs 5 or less for no cost. It does not seem much but it's totally insane. Dragon's Sign and Hyperspatial Shiny Hole for creature spam, Super Eternal Spark for removal and unsealing vv-8, Final Stop for total lockdown, you name it and it happens. It's just that strong. To make things worse it even has a lockdown effect that prevents the summoning of creatures that costed 7 or less and accompanied with Final Stop most opponents can simply surrender. It's ineffective against fatty decks however which are common on tco, but nothing more.

I almost forgot to say that it despite being an enemy of VV-8 in the background story, the two go along pretty well in the real game as Cylinder Miradante Twelve Super Eternal Spark can unseal vv-8 all by itself and get you a shield trigger. It made me wonder if Cylinder is actually an Initials traitor too.
Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon9.5/10This is the final boss of Revolution Final and unlike many final bosses (Supernova Black Hole Thanatos, Gyuujinmaru, Legendary Identity etc.) and like Devil Diabolos Zeta, Evil Awakened he means serious business. It starts with 4 seals and each seal including the seals on any of your creatures can only be removed by summoning or using the ZERO ability of a cost 5 or more fire or darkness command, and it also prevents any of your creatures save for commands, initials and creatures that have "forbidden" in their name from attacking. Seems pretty crippling but with a deck tailored for it it's no problem and serves as a quick time bomb that punishes slow playing. Not even Giovanni Squall survives if it takes too much time! Not to say when its seals are removed, extra effects activate which can be helpful sometimes.

And once it awakens, all hell breaks loose; Your opponent puts a seal on each of his creatures, and when he does so, he cannot put them into the graveyard and thus in most cases his creatures will remain sealed. Plus if you think that it goes away easily think again, it can sacrifice 2 of its cores and one of your shields when it would leave the battle zone, and if your opponent does not have Miracle Miradante triggers he's dead. Just watch out for Team Tech's Wave Go! since it removes all its cores and Mystery Captain Fleet can kill it instantly and make you lose.

Overall it's good and can counter 90% of TCO decks before the Evil Heat and Black Psycho restrictions, but i am not giving it a 10 since it suffers from major deckbuilding suppressions.
Jolly the Johnny Joe9.5/10Wow this card....It's not that good in real life, but in tco it's everyone's worst nightmare. It is a heavyweight 10 cost fatty that has speed attacker and quattro breaker, but when your opponent has no creatures and you summon this creature, YOU WIN THE GAME. Yes you read it right. No question game over. Opponent does not even need to use All for One, Machine of D to get a free win, he just needs to remove all your creatures and punish you from attacking. That's all he needs to do to win. And if your opponent has any creatures it destroys all other creatures and is a speed attacking double breaker, but i don't really recommend this just like any other all poppers. Just use it for the extra win, it will be safer.
Final Dogiragolden8/10This is Katta's last trump and unlike Shobu's last trump Last Storm Double Cross, the Super Awakened it's a pretty bland card. It does not have the flashiness to become a final trump. However i'm still giving it an 8 because it's very good at what it does and is basically a Redzone in the Revolutionary side. First, it has the same Revolution Change requirement as Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader, but instead of spamming creatures, it sends an opposing creature to mana and destroys a Forbidden Creature, giving MaltNEXT the ability to punish Dokindam X direct attacks with Bolshack Dogiragon. It also helps removes lone blockers and removes opposing finishers like Puchohenza, Mia Moja and Codeking Mozart. Its main selling point, Final Final Revolution prevents any creature with the power of 1000000 or less from attacking you, but it only prevents anything inside the battle zone when dogiragolden is here so it's pretty useless unless your opponent does not run speed attackers. Plus you can only run it once per game and when you did not use Final Revolution, so it's pretty lackluster against some decks, especially stuff that ran fire. With Iron Fist of Revolution one can even delay VAN Beethoven, Zenith of "Shura" for a while so it's absolutely needed in MaltNEXT in TCO regardless of who tells you otherwise. Take this over Buster in MaltNEXT.
Gaial, Victory Legend7/10The only Legend Rare in DMX-25, it's a good card, but too bad it's pretty opponent reliant. It does cost a heavy weight of 10, and it has speed attacker and when it attacks, it destroys all opposing creatures that cost 9000 or less so it can easily remove many types of blockers. What best is when this creature destroys an opposing creature even when it comes to battling a weaker creature, you reveal the top of your deck and if it's a dragon you may put it into the battle zone, allowing it to penetrate masses of blockers and annoying system creatures and instead of stopping this creature's attack, amassing weaker creatures and blocking this creature with Falconer, Lightfang Ninja only fuels the opponent's destruction. But usually opponent does not go amassing creatures in tco and thus it's really very dependant on situation. Just since it isn't come into play beware of Oriotis, Control Wings and Magnum, Fast Attack Puppet, as they can stop it before it makes any effect. Basically limited to Drama only.

Dogiragon, Legendary Legend


A legend rare that is coming soon in DMX-26 and the only new Legend Rare in the set, it is another pretty powerful force being spammable in MaltNEXT or Drama. It has speed attacker and when it is put into the battle zone it can attack untapped creatures for one turn, and when it wins a battle the opponent cannot win and you cannot lose the game until the start of your next turn. In order words, just like Gaial above Chump blocking this creature only fuels the opponent's destruction. Unfortunately the power of this creature is 500 less than the annoying Miracle Miradante so it does not punish it. The weaknesses? You will be struggling to find a slot for it in your deck. Anyway is it a bit strange that the new Legends in Final Memories Pack all punish chump blocking?

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Review of Revolution Final Legend Rares is up on DMwiki Empty Re: Review of Revolution Final Legend Rares is up on DMwiki

Post by Admin 14.02.17 15:12

Dogiragon Buster and Miradante Twelve leading the pack. Well written reviews and offer enough background for everybody who at least knows something about the latest sets to follow your reasoning.

My favorite card among all of these is definitely VV-8 since it's not that difficult to set up. I especially like using it on Adamksi deckout and Takonchu is just amazing with this and Adamski.

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