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Boy, Rafululu + Shortshot is ridiculous

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Boy, Rafululu + Shortshot is ridiculous Empty Boy, Rafululu + Shortshot is ridiculous

Post by Mr-ex777 13.08.17 20:12

And you think that the Galamuta in Imen loop is bad? Now there is a way to replicate the same with much smaller effort, it's just pure insane.

Enter: Rafululu Shortshot!

You will not believe this. These 2 are very easy to generate at the same time, and it's just ridiculous. Here are the known ways to generate it and kill your opponent instantly:

  • Grave yourself and if you have 4 multicolored cards, summon linnevenus and send out rafululu from grave, then revolution change it into buster and send out shortshot using Buster's final revolution into Linnevenus. 7 hit points worth of shields and also stops all defenses. and i mean ALL. Save for Guevara base but i never saw that thing before.
  • Summon a water creature on turn 2 then sending out Shortshot in turn 3 and call out multiple Nine, Zero Zero then Bad brand for 1 mana. Bad Brand gives everything speed attacker and water creature revchanges into rafululu and kills the opponent instantly, again since creatures and spells are not usable during that turn it's dead time.

As a result, Rafululu and Shortshot should be restricted at the least because i used those fixed kill one shots and they are insane. Plus they also have huge amounts of triggers making things harder, especially ragnarok the clock and dicevegas.

It's just insane and unbelievable and it's just an abomination to face.

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