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Top 10 underrated cards in Duel Masters (TCG)

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Top 10 underrated cards in Duel Masters (TCG) Empty Top 10 underrated cards in Duel Masters (TCG)

Post by LordSommerhill 22.02.21 14:43

So i have been wanting to make this post for a while now, and i finally managed to put together a list of what i think are the top 10 best cards that never/rarely see play. I will be ranking them based on how good they are in comparison to each other, and how easy they are to use and how underrated i think they are. This is all based on my own opinions and from my own experiences.

Miraculous Meltdown would be an easy number 1 on this list, but since i already made a post on how broken and underrated this card is, i have decided to exclude it from this list. TA card like Meltdown really shouldn't be on an underrated list anyways lol!

Anyways here we go!

Number 10 - Vine Charger

Top 10 underrated cards in Duel Masters (TCG) GztLnyM

Vine Charger is a card i have barely ever seen in play, and this is probably because people use Natural Snare instead if they need a nature removal spell. Snare lets you choose the target and is a shield trigger, and yes it is the better card in total. However Vine Charger costs 2 mana less and also gives you an extra mana after use. Your opponent does choose which creature it hits, but if used on turn 4, he will most likely only have 1-2 creatures, and on your next turn you get to advance to 6 mana. The card is absolutely not bad, and has its advantages over Snare, It is definitely better than Snare in more aggressive decks with a lower mana cost average too, and therefore gets the number 10 spot.

Number 9 - Zeppelin Crawler

Top 10 underrated cards in Duel Masters (TCG) RINRCad

Zeppelin Crawler is a card i have actually never played against, and only used a few times myself in my earlier days. A 5 for 4000 blocker is already not terrible, although bested by many other blockers. 4000 is usually enough though, as attackers often have either 1000-2000 power or way more than 4000. But it is its effect however that seperates it from all others. Whenever it blocks, you effectively get to draw 1 card, but its better than just regular draw. You get to choose which of the top 4 cards in your deck you want to draw, which is a big advantage. A random draw can be good or completely irrelevant depending on what you need at the time. A more specific draw like this however will almost always provide you with advantage, which is why i see such potential in this card. And this is only if it blocks once, lets not forget that this effect can be used over and over again, and potentially by several copies of the card as well. Should bigger creatures attack, you can always choose not to block as well. Decent card, very easy to use, and fits for many decks, and therefore number 9 on this list.

Number 8 - Pala Olesis, Morning Guardian

Top 10 underrated cards in Duel Masters (TCG) TE95CH2

Pala Olesis is a simple but still very effective blocker. I have seen this card a couple of times, but not very many. While it is a little low on power, it has a great effect. Boosting all you other creatures by 2000 power, which is always a pain to play against. It is a defensive card, but still applies pressure on your opponent to get rid of it. Attacking your opponents smaller creatures is the primary way of gaining field control, and this becomes considerably harder when everything is buffed by 2000 power. It may not seem like a lot, but it is usually enough. Pala Olesis can always help you offensively, as you dont have to be as afraid of attacking with your smaller creatures, since they will become bigger when it is your opponents turn again. The card can also be used in most decks than run light, and will always be annoying for your opponent.

Number 7 - Yuliana Channeler of Suns

Top 10 underrated cards in Duel Masters (TCG) Fpz4zdp

Another card i have never played against that i remember. 3 for 3000 power blocker is already not terrible, and its effect makes it stand out from all the other 3 mana light blockers. It is as far as i know, the only blocker in the game that cannot be destroyed by removal. Sure cards like Holy Awe, Searing Wave, Ballom etc will destroy it, but the most common removals like Terror Pit, Corile, Aqua Surfer, Apocalypse Vise, Comet Missile, Wind Axe etc cannot touch it. So despite having 1000 less power than some of its counterparts, it has a lot higher chance of sticking around. So a pretty good and unique little blocker, that in my opinion deserved consideration when making a deck with Light that needs blockers.

Number 6 - Gigaslug

Top 10 underrated cards in Duel Masters (TCG) FnUJtCY

This is probably the most annoying blocker in the entire game, and i rarely see it in play outside of Cruel Naga decks. While the actual BEST blocker in the game is Tajimal, i would say Gigaslug still is the more annoying one to face. Whatever the power of your creature, it will die if blocked by Gigaslug. So any deck that has a big finisher or evolution that plans to come out and swing will have to deal with Gigaslug first, and it is not very tempting to waste removal cards on a 3 mana 1000 blocker. It costs 1 mana more than Bloody Squito, and they both die no matter who they block. However while Squito's killing potential stops at 4000, Gigaslug will kill anything. A zero risk with medium-high reward card, that can easely be splashed into almost any deck running Dark, and therefore number 5 on this list.

Number 5 - Jil Warka Time guardian

Top 10 underrated cards in Duel Masters (TCG) NF5eYgS

Aside from Tajimal, i would say Jil Warka could be the best 3 mana light blocker out there, and i very rarely see it being used. It doesn't have much power, so using it early game will not be very scary. However later in game, and especially against aggro and Bombazar, having a Jil Warka on the field can make all the difference. Jil Warka is probably the most anti-Bombazar card there is, maybe next to Holy Awe. Whenever destroyed, you get to tap 2 creatures, which effectively means it can stop 3 attacks in 1 turn. No other blocker can do this. It can also be used offensively, as it can suicide to let you tap things and then kill them with bigger creature. Easely used cheap little blocker with a great effect and some versatility, and therefore the number 5 spot on this list.

Number 4 - Gajirabute Vile Centurion

Top 10 underrated cards in Duel Masters (TCG) 1SJyUB7

Gajirabute is a really cool card that i also rarely see in play. It is believe it or not probably the best demon command in the game, and easely the best bait if you want to use Ballom. Like i mentioned earlier, shield burning effects are extremely valuable, not to mention the only riskfree way of breaking shields. You will get the effect off no matter what when you summon it, and it can be used again and again with the right support. After summoned you can swap it in and out again with Soulswap, you can bounce it and resummon it with your own Aqua Surfers and Spiral Gates. And as you do this, your opponent will just lose his shield one after the other, not getting any advantage or triggers along the way. A great card that is easy to use and can be extremely useful in the correct deck.

Number 3 - Slash and Burn

Top 10 underrated cards in Duel Masters (TCG) Jer35MT

Slash and burn is a card that be devastating if used in the right deck. It all should be very simple to understand if you ask me. You burn your opponent for a mana AND a shield, whenever any of your opponents creature(s) would be destroyed after use. Lets say you are in position to attack and destroy 2 of your opponents creatures that turn. They then lose 2 creatures, 2 mana and 2 shields, all in one turn.... which will set them back miles. Coming back from something like that will be rough, and all because of a 4 mana spell card. Even if you only get its effect off once, it is still absolutely worth it, as 1 mana + 1 shield is of high value. Sure it is a little situational, but getting the effect off is not very hard if you try well enough. Shield burning effects like Slash and Burn, Bolmeteus, Gajirabute etc has, is incredibly valuable. Your opponent not getting hand advantage and/or triggers out of his shields is a huge loss, so this is an effect worth fighting for. Rather situational card, but huge reward for little effort makes this card the number 3 spot on this list.

Number 2 - Lukia Lex Pinnacle Guardian

Top 10 underrated cards in Duel Masters (TCG) GBFfjsq

I honestly couldn't believe it at first, but i have actually not played against a Lukia Lex in a long time now. It was used here and there in the earlier days when the game was still active, but as of lately i havent been seeing this card anywhere. Sure Nature and Light is not the most commonly used civ combo, but whenever used you should always try to find a spot for Lukia Lex. Everybody complains about Gonta, and how broken it is. Well Lukia Lex is pretty much the 3-drop equivalent of Gonta, and is also a lot harder to get rid of. While Gonta is the more relevant threat of the two since it only costs 2 mana and is of a better civ combo, Lukia Lex is right behind it. Since Lukia Lex untaps after attacking, it basically cannot be attacked unless tapped by an effect, and when it attacks it effectively has 5500 power. This gives it almost the same cost-power ratio as Gonta, and on top of this is cannot be attacked. So Lukia Lex is a suuuper good 3-drop creature, and is completely unique. It can also be evolved into Larba Geer (Yes also Ladia Bale but it isnt worth using), and can easely be used in most decks that run Light and Nature. It also comes with little to no risk, and therefore it gets a well earned 2nd place on this list.

Honorable Mentions (in random order):

- Skysword the Savage Vizier
- Hopeless Vortex
- Niofa Horned Protector
- Psychic Shaper
- Cyclolink Spectral Knight
- Cavern Raider
- Nemonex Bajula's Robomantis
- Estol Vizier of Aqua
- Forbos Sanctum Guardian Q
- Snake Attack
- Spiral Grass
- Chaos Worm
- Hawkeye Lunatron

And many more.....

Number 1 - Überdragon Bajula

Top 10 underrated cards in Duel Masters (TCG) YSO9nlx

Überdragon Bajula underrated??? I am fully aware that most DM players will agree that Bajula is good, but i have noticed that most people don't consider it a big threat. I also rarely see Bajula being used in high level play, which i think is absurd. The card is easier to use than it may seem, and the reward it immediately provides is so huge, that i would rank it as one of the better evolutions in the game. It has tremendous supportcards like Velyrika Dragon and Cocco Lupia, which makes the card searchable as well and as quick and easy to get out. Should you manage to summon Bajula on turn 5-6 (which is very doable), you will most likely win against most decks, as they will imediately go back down to 3-4 mana, which means they will have no removal to hit Bajula with. The double mana burn effect is so OP, that is usually ends your opponents chance to win the duel after the first turn or two after Bajula comes out. It also has Triple Breaker, but this is of less importance than the effect, as the effect goes of even if it get blocked or even just attacks another creature. On top of this, Bajula is also the highest power creature in the game worth using, since all the creatures with the same or more power are all terrible. Don't tell me that Bajula is hard to summon Razz It has a bait that can bring Bajula to your hand when summoned, as well as Cocco Lupia (and mana accel cards) that let you summon Bajula several turns earlier than its cost suggests. I have used this card many times through the years, and it is such a deadly card. I usually always win when i manage to summon Überdragon Bajula, even against top tier decks. The card is undoubtably good, but i would say that it is one of the most dangerous threats out there even though it is not of the more common ones. Therefore i rank this as my number 1 underrated card in Duel Masters TCG!

So that was my list! I noticed that this is a very engaging topic, as there are so many potential cards for the list, and so many cards that could work well even in/against top tier decks. I would love to hear your thoughts on my list, as well as lists and suggestions of your own. So bring it on cheers

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