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Ballom, Master of Death: A card in review


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Ballom, Master of Death: A card in review  Empty Ballom, Master of Death: A card in review

Post by Enigmafiend 24.02.18 7:29

There was a era long ago, when DuelMaster card arts were full of chaos, explosions and overkill and the names were more flashier than a wrestler on WWE (Skycrusher, Stratosphere,Balesk Baj the Time Burner, MetalWing Skyterror  to name a few) and boy did Ballom sum it up greatly.

One of the most memorable cards from the tcg era it was the peak of what a emo kid would want in his wet dreams. A card that was absurdly op for that time and yet undermined in many ways. It was a card made to be played by the most skilled of Darkness Dm players, Sure any kid could ultra ramp and summon Ballom over a low cost Demon Command but it took cunning and strategy to actually utilize the card.
A massive field wipe that was aptly reflected in Ballom, Master of Death's Subtext; You see a world. I see a graveyard-to-be." . It was what, in a perfect world, a perfectly balanced card would be. Yet through all the hate and lack of options in Tcg it prospered. (and by hate i mean the fact that it didnt seem usefull when you could just fie rush or Bolme someone) Prospered so much so that it went on to have multiple forms and subtypes.

We saw one such case in tcg's last few days as Stallob, another Grand Card.

Well as afro mentioned the art was amazing, grand and to the point for a card soo superior to others. It was a splash art that reflected Ballom's lordship over the darkness real in grandeur means. Albeit it lacked some of the normal Darkness art themes; that was to be expected for a royalty card.

A evo with a massive field wipe and a double breaker on its own would be nothing but great minds knew to pair this card with other Darkness cards to have multiple Effects trigger at once and to leave the opponent some times without creatures and a hand (Cards ofc). The added bonus of its synergy with Stallob was almost always overlooked since that required great build up but still it had a balanced effect.

Lore (10/10):
Lore-wise Ballom was a behemoth, a true Demon King. It was the true lord of all the invaders of Fiona woods and a (Looking at you Qauzala) very good villian that DM deserved. A card with a massive power boost and an Art most grand it was a card suited for kings and Masters of Duel Darkness.
Overall (9/10):
Albeit enough has been said i will say it again, Ballom was one of the high points of DM and a very balanced and skill heavy card to be played People saying its not that hard incoming and trully a card worth of 9/10 rating.
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When water invaded the shores of flames, what they did not expect was that the fire nation would be ready for they were a cultured race while the folks of red were creatures of strength and anger and always ready to dive head first into a war but the thing left unaccounted for was when the recently awakened Dragons decided to join in on the fight early. As the Ocean Lit ablaze a grand battle was carried out but the Fire had the advantage of home field. The battle was lost or so it seemed but hope still remained for the lords of light had a old promise yet to be fulfilled

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Ballom, Master of Death: A card in review  Empty Re: Ballom, Master of Death: A card in review

Post by Admin 24.02.18 8:24

A very nice text! It was a pleasure to read. I agree on most of your points. Ballom definitely is not a tier 1 card but it certainly is stylish and fun to play! So far I haven't bren able to build a great deck for it but I will try to get there.

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