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GRUB survivors

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Master of Destruction

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GRUB survivors  Empty GRUB survivors

Post by Promised. 26.12.18 0:56

Fire - 9
Blazosaur Q x4
Volcano charger x1
Searing wave x1
Mechadragon breath x1
Q tropic gargantua x2
Apocalypse vise x1

Water - 9
Aqua hulcus x2
Energy stream x3
Crystal memory x1
Corile x2
Ripple lotus x1

Nature - 9
Bronze arm tribe x2
Soulswap x1
Smash Horn Q x4
Factory shell Q x3

Darkness - 11
Bloody squito x2
Death smoke x1
Grave worm Q x3
Terror pit x3
Lost soul x2

Multi civi - 2
Miraculous rebirth x1
Miraculous meltdown x1

Total 40 cards

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