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Survivors... rush?


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Survivors... rush? Empty Survivors... rush?

Post by Renaleika 02.08.18 17:15

Blazosaur Q x3
Bronze arm Tribe x3
Aqua Holcus x3
Energy Stream x3
Smash Horn Q x4
Soulswap x3
Eureka Charger x2
Skullsweeper Q x3
Grave Worm Q x1
Rumbling Terahorn x2
Factory Shell Q x2
Miraculous Rebirth x2
Terror Pit x3
Q-tronic Gargantua x2
Ripple Lotus Q x2
Spikestrike Ichthys Q x1
Q-tronic Hypermind x1

Survivors... I mean, I seem to remember this beeing "that" deck. The one everyone made at least one atempt at, and usualy failing hard.

Here is my five bucks on the subject, I just added Survivors I liked, that seemed playable (was hard on the fence on the Draw and the Slayer but decided they were a bit to pricey)
Then I threw in some Bronze-arm and a bunch of drawpower.


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