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TCG GRUB Survivors (off-Meta)


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TCG GRUB Survivors (off-Meta) Empty TCG GRUB Survivors (off-Meta)

Post by davin1264 20.10.19 10:47

Hello all, first post here. Just wanted to share with you guys a Survivors build I did not too long ago.

Fire 9+5
4 Blazosaur
1 Magmarex
2 Gargantua
Water 11
3 Promephius Q
2 Stream
1 Crystal Memory
1 Thrash Crawler
3 Aqua Surfer
1 Ripple Lotus Q

Nature 9+3
4 Smash Horn Q
3 Soulswap
2 Factory Shell Q
Dark 6+2
2 Locomotiver
2 Grave Worm Q
2 Terror Pit

Multi 5
3 Gonta
1 Galek
1 Meltdown

4 Blazosaur: A must since its the cheapest survivor to play and at 7 mana with Factory Shell on field, you can summon it and get Grave Worm Q or another Blazosaur and a Smash Horn Q

2 PDF: cheap removal that is also a shield trigger, Smash Horn is the main 3 drop I want to summon so if I dont get it I can play this card instead

1 Magmarex(Tech): Can kill Braid Claw to help against RG Rush and kill other creatures with its 3000 power, although Im unsure if it helps the match-up significantly since RG Rush has more 2000 power creatures. Against UB Hydrooze and RU Aggro/Rush, it will probably be quite helpful to kill Emeral/Propeller Mutant/Locomotiver pre-buff and Emeral/Braid Claw/Rikabu Screwdriver respectively. You can play Searing Wave if you dislike this card

2 Gargantua: The fun part of this deck, can sometimes break 4/5 shields if your opponent does not have enough removal against this deck and the only card that saves him is Holy Awe. Although it does not synergize with Soulswap since its an Evo creature, sometimes Bladerush can get removed while your other Survivors are breaking shields and can lose you the game.

3 Promephius Q: A card that I really wished was at 2500 power to trade better, can be played to bait removals and get it back with Grave Worm Q. You can play this turn 3 then play Blazosaur/Smash Horn turn 4 to surprise your opponent and kill his creature for free. Hulcus is of course a better card but I want to see if I need more Survivors baits to facilitate Gargantua.

2 Stream: Draw

1 Crystal Memory: Although this deck is quite slow, it allows me to get Factory Shell/Gargantua more reliably, or Meltdown if you are facing an aggro deck.

1 Thrash Crawler: Since Gargantua cannot be Soulswapped and theres only 2 in the deck, being able to get Gargantua back from the mana is quite important and it is the only blocker to defend yourself in dangerous scenarios, you can use Flood Valve if you dont need the blocker in your deck, and it also costs less so it is entirely possible to use Flood Valve and Gargantua on the same turn to go for game

3 Aqua Surfer: Very important shield trigger to defend against aggressive decks

1 Ripple Lotus Q: IMO this card should cost 5 mana since it is quite weak, but with Factory Shell on field, you can lock your opponent's field while building your own provided he does not draw removal since you get another Survivor while tapping 1 of his creatures

4 Smash Horn Q: 4 of this is a must to dodge board clears or make destroying your creatures difficult

3 Soulswap: A great ST to slow down you opponent or to accelerate your game plan. More often than not you can get Factory Shell on turn 5 by summoning Blazosaur > Soulswap it to Factory Shell if you do not have a board or Soulswap your other creature to get Factory Shell > Blazosaur/Smash Horn

2 Factory Shell Q: Main engine of this deck. If I have too many copies of 6 and above mana cards I will have too many junk cards early game, which was why I keep it at 2 copies

2 Locomotiver: A turn 4 play to disrupt your opponent, a ST to trade with small creatures, if you are lucky you can discard Magnus in aggro decks or removals so your Factory Shell stays on field. If you are unlucky, too bad. That was why I did not use Skullsweeper as it lets your opponent choose what to discard, could be great against full control decks that dont run anti discard cards though

2 Grave Worm: Precisely 2 because you dont really need it on turn 5 unless your opponent has removed some of your creatures. And you can summon Grave Worm 1 to get back Grave Worm 2 so if Grave Worm 1 is removed you can summon Grave Worm 2 to get back Grave Worm 1 to get back Grave Worm 2 to............

2 Terror Pit: Unconditional removal which this deck lacks

3 Gonta: Playing Gonta on turn 2 discourages aggro decks to attack and can pressure control decks early, 4000 power makes it very difficult to remove except Miraculous Snare
It also helps with colour so its more likely to play Blazosaur/Smash Horn.

1 Galek: Mainly included for the colour and a turn 5 play

1 Meltdown: Helps comeback against Aggro decks

Possible cards to mod with:

1 Rumbling Terahorn to get Factory Shell Q on turn 6
1-2 Rebirth to set up the field while removing your opponent's creatures, be cautious of having too many 6 mana cards though
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TCG GRUB Survivors (off-Meta) Empty Re: TCG GRUB Survivors (off-Meta)

Post by Promised. 01.11.19 17:08

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