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Alcadeias L/N Control


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Alcadeias L/N Control Empty Alcadeias L/N Control

Post by Umbruge 30.05.18 9:57

So I just started playing again and currently this is my list, any help is appreciated:
Light: (27)
3x Alcadeias
1x Urth
1x Ethel
3x Aeris
2x Syforce
4x La Ura Giga
3x Magris
2x Kolon
4x Holy Awe
4x Solar Ray

Natur: (9)
4x Bronze Arm Tribe
2x Exploding Cactus
3x Dimension Gate

Multi: (4)
2x Techno Totem
2x Live and Breath
Invincible Charge
Invincible Charge

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Alcadeias L/N Control Empty Re: Alcadeias L/N Control

Post by Halfar 30.05.18 11:19

Hey Smile

Nice to see another person building an Alcadeias Deck
(I think we all had an Alcadeias Deck lol! )

First to say is that you should add more Nature Cards,
for example Rumbling Terahorn, Soulswap (if you have the money OR playing with Japanese version).

I also would recommend more draw, because Discard is unfortunately strong in DM.
Maybe 3 Mist Rias (Crazy with La Ura Giga), 3 Magris and 4x Rumbling Terahorn.
This would also help to get your balance between Nature and Light.

Exploding Cactus...hm....i think this Card is Crap sorry.
I would rather max out Dimensionsgate and add Natural Snare, Charmilia or another LN multi cards like Techno Totem, Skysword or Sanfist.

I personally would say take out -1 Ethel -3 Aeris and add +4 Valkyer.
7000 Power Blocker is more helpful in my opinion.

If you dont have Valkyer, Aeris will do the job so -1 Ethel and +1 Aeris.

For the Cards is recommended i would take out the 4 Solar Ray and Urth.

You can go over 40 Cards easily if you have enough Draw.

Peace king

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