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(TCG) FDW RUB Control

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(TCG) FDW RUB Control Empty (TCG) FDW RUB Control

Post by LordSommerhill 26.09.20 11:41

(TCG) FDW RUB Control Rub10

I have already made a post earlier with my first takes on the RUB control deck, but i want to make a new post now as i have found a list that works extremely well. Yes the deck is 45 cards, and i do still wish to cut it down even further, but the deck just works soooo fantasticly well against all tested matchups now. I run 9 draw power cards, and this makes the deck very consistent despite having 45 cards as opposed to a flat 40.

The deck has a great early game to deal with rush and aggro, with the Emerals, Melnias and Squitos, and about the strongest midgame you can have in a deck with cards like Clamp, Searing Wave, Corile, Merfolk etc. As for lategame i have chosen not to run Velyrika or Bazagazeal in this deck, simply cause it has not been neccesary. Usually it can win without its finisher (Bolmeteus), as the water lineup coupled with the removal spells and Meltdown provide a rock solid matchup against pretty much anything, and really works as the true backbone of this deck. Its just cards with high advantage (Hulcus, Corile, Merfolk, Surfer etc) and together with the removal spells and maybe a Squito or two, it it usually all you need. Meltdown is also i card i like to hang on to when i draw it, as it gives me wins soooo often against aggro and rush. Even against Bombazar, this deck can pull a decent amount of wins, due to Clamp, Meltdown etc and all the shield triggers. The deck can also play aggressively if you want to, with all the Melnias, Emerals, Hulcus and Locos. Play out some aggression on turn 2-4, and then proceed to just remove all your opponents things with removal on turn 5 and on.

You can basically adapt to any playstyle you want, and you will usually always have an answer for everything. And should the game last, and you safely manage to summon Bolmeteus, this can seal the deal as well. There is not a single card in this deck that isnt amongst the better cards in the game, and with so much advantage and great single cards, there is really never a bad hand or bad matchup. Things may change over time, but as of right now, this is in my opinion the best control deck i have made/seen.

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