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Wave Strikers Ruling (TCG)


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Wave Strikers Ruling (TCG) Empty Wave Strikers Ruling (TCG)

Post by AustraliaDuelMasters Today at 12:18

Hey DM fans,  Very Happy

I am wanting clarification around Wave Strikers - "The creature with Wave Striker is able to trigger its ability if you have 2 or more other creatures in the battle zone that have Wave Striker."

Does this mean that if I have 2 Wave Strikers in the battle zone their abilities trigger or does there have to be 3 Wave Strikers in the battle zone for their abilities to trigger?

2 or more to me means that 2 wave striker creatures trigger the abilities of those creatures and then if you have additional wave strikers (2 or more - more than 2) - meaning 3+ their abilities trigger as well.

Is this correct, can anyone clarify? Is there any official DM ruling that anyone has?

Thank you in advance. cheers

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Wave Strikers Ruling (TCG) Empty Re: Wave Strikers Ruling (TCG)

Post by madmicro0430 Today at 14:49

I think you are missing another key word "other", so there must be 3 wave strikers in the battle zone for their abilities to trigger.

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