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RUB Base Set Aggro Deck


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RUB Base Set Aggro Deck Empty RUB Base Set Aggro Deck

Post by madmicro0430 01.06.21 13:04

Hi all, it's my first post here.

I would like to share some fun decks with you. After playing DM tcg in OCTGN for a while, I gradually became bored with the meta, be it aggro or control. So, I decided to create some fun decks and play it just for fun. Let's have a look at one of them.

RUB Base Set Aggro Deck Rub_ba10

Here is the deck list in case the image is not that clear. Some basic info about this deck is also provided in the text box in the image above.
Tornado Flame x 3
Terror Pit x 4
Spiral Gate x 3
Unicorn Fish x 3
Meteosaur x 3
Aqua Hulcus x 4
Brain Serum x 4
Bone Spider x 4
Bone Writhing Ghoul x 4
Immortal Baron Vorg x 4
Bolshack Dragon x 4

The game plan is to use small creatures to break all the shields with the help of some removal cards in the late game.
The cards in the image above are categorized into columns based on their different functions.

For the 1st column:
- single removal cards (either by bouncing creatures or destroying them) in order to protect your own small creatures
- to deal with cards like pyrofighter magnus and bazagazeal, the only counter measure in this deck is shield trigger terror pit or tornado flame. Ghost touch can deal with them, but I want this deck to be aggressive in general.
- All cards in the 1st column are shield triggers, good at stopping aggro decks as well.

For the 2nd column, I personally think they are better than the cards in the 1st column:
- you get to play a creature and remove one of your opponent's creature at the same time, so the net gain in board presence is actually +2.
- unicorn fish is aiming at bouncing large creatures, while meteosaur can destroy your opponent's small creatures; a lot of creatures with 2k or less power are actually quite a headache, e.g. mist rias, quixotic hero, melnia
- sometimes, unicorn fish summoned in the 4th turn to bounce small creatures is quite useful if you already have a 2 drop and a 3 drop and the only thing that you opponent has on the field is an aqua hulcus or a blocker.

For the 3rd column, mainly it's for draw power; brain serum good shield trigger as well.

For the 4th column, they are creatures used mainly to attack shields.
- brawler zyler is not a good option in my opinion, because when it becomes tapped after attacking, it easily becomes a target by your opponent's emeral, bronze-arm tribe, loco etc. I don't need zyler to have 3k power and then attack opponent's creatures that have 3k power - they can be handled by other removal cards
- bone spider is basically the only 3 drop in the darkness civ in the base set that can attack; although its ability is not that great, it can go over gonta or quixto if you can't get rid of them with other removal cards in time; it can also go over blocker like sarius or belix in control decks, which could get in the way of your attack; bone spider can also dodge spells like burst shot, searing wave, blizzard of spears etc.

For the 5th column, basically just a large creature to give more pressure to the opponent
- the reason why i choose a 6 drop rather than a 7 drop more powerful double breaker is because this deck does not have mana acceleration, and if your opponent start the game first, and on turn 7 he wants to play lost soul, he would have to decide whether he would like to destroy your bolshack dragon first - this can sometimes buy you one more turn before lost soul is used
- i personally don't find the power attacking ability useful
- i seldom have the chance to attack with bolshack dragon, cuz it usually gets removed by something, but that's its purpose - the plan is to attack with small creatures

Weakness of this deck:
- most creatures die to mass removal spells, like burst shot, searing wave
- no hand guards against discard card like cranium clamp or loco
- no speed attacker

Feel free to leave your comments down below Smile

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RUB Base Set Aggro Deck Empty Re: RUB Base Set Aggro Deck

Post by madmicro0430 06.06.21 14:54

An update on this deck: I've replaced 2 bolshack dragons with 2 scarlet skyterrors. This change is to counter decks with heavy blockers like guardians, initiates, liquid people which are difficult to deal with, particularly after the power raise with petrova. Scarlet skyterror did eventually save me in 1 match. Of coz, a better alternative would be crystal paladin, but that would not be the point of this deck.

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