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Selling Duel Masters cards


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Selling Duel Masters cards Empty Selling Duel Masters cards

Post by TonySoprano 26.10.18 17:28

Hey guys im selling the following foiled cards. (Pics in private):

Phantasmal Horror Gigazabal(Promo)
Dark Titan Maginn
Deathliger, Lion of Chaos
Ballom, Master of Death
Sinister General Damudo
Vampire Silphy
Megaria, Empress of Dread
Schuka, Duke of Amnesia
Mongrel Man(Special Edition)
Vashuna, Sword Dancer(Special Edition)
Crystal Jouster
Marching Motherboard
Chaos Fish
Legendary Bynor
Plasma Chaser
King Ripped-Hide
King Aquakamui
Supporting Tulip
Thorny Mandra
Charmilia, the Enticer
World Tree, Root of Life(Promo)
Q-tronic Omnistrain(Promo)
Tower Shell
Cliffcrush Giant
Xeno Mantis
Ethel, Star Sea Elemental
Gran Gure, Space Guardian
Rayla, Truth Enforcer
Sieg Balicula, the Intense
Tanzanyte, the Awakener

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