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Interest Check: Fanfic Duels Writing?


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Interest Check: Fanfic Duels Writing? Empty Interest Check: Fanfic Duels Writing?

Post by Zoicite23 11.10.22 9:22

Would you ever try your hand at writing out duels? If you duel on sites anyway, it shouldn't be too hard to convert that into writing and make a story around it.

Have you seen card game anime, or anime in general? Or would like to write a crossover? All it would take is coming up with a general plot, setting, some fun characters and then seeing what you can create.

You'd have me as a reader. I'm really interested in how each fanfic writer brings something new to the DM fandom. And if you don't want to be a writer, what sort of things would you like to read in DM fanfiction?

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