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Duel Masters Quitting Sales (Rare Collection)


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Duel Masters Quitting Sales (Rare Collection) Empty Duel Masters Quitting Sales (Rare Collection)

Post by divergence 19.01.22 15:22

Quitting DM and moving on with other life commitments.

Please refer to the pictures and prices on my carousell account: https://www.carousell.sg/u/_sj20/

Selling the following ENG cards in NM/M condition unless stated otherwise:
1. 41 Card Deck (Promotional Gajirabute / Soulswap Deck)
2. Wise Starnoid, Avatar of Hope
3. Miraculous Plague
4. Miraculous Rebirth
5. Miraculous Snares x4
6. Burger King Phantom Fish Promo (EXE)
7. WINNER Jap Bolmeteus Promo
8. Sasha, Channeler of Suns Promo
9. JDC Ucarn Promo
10. E3/Y1 Ucarn Promo
11. Slash Charger Promo
12. Crystal Lancer Promo
13. Melnia Promo
14. Terror Pit Circuit Promo
15. Bronze Arm Tribe Promo
16. Scarlet Skyterror
19. Death Phoenix, Avatar of Doom
20. Chaos Worm Promo

And many more. Thank you for looking and may all the duellers continue to find fun in DM! Smile

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