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Massive Sell Thread (English DM01 - DM06)


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Massive Sell Thread (English DM01 - DM06) Empty Massive Sell Thread (English DM01 - DM06)

Post by Jpdds91 27.06.21 23:06

Hi there. I have a large collection of English cards from the first six English language sets. I also have a lot of promos. I’m located in the US. Most of the foils have done foil warp but otherwise most of the foil cards are NM condition. Both Bolmeteus Steel Dragon cards are pretty much flawless, I’d put one as gem-mint and the other as near-mint since the back is poorly centered.

The rares/commons/uncommons range from lightly played to NM condition. PM me if you see something you’re interested in. If there’s a common/uncommon card that you’re looking for I can probably find it, I just listed out the more popular cards. I can sell the rest of the commons/uncommon cards in bulk as well, several thousand cards.

Amber piercer
Gatling Skyterror x3
Scarlet Skyterror
Sonic Wing (Atari) x2
Innocent Hunter, Blade of All (Promo) x4
Rothus the Traveler (Atari) x2
Rothus the Traveler x3
Rothus the Traveler (Damaged)
Pyrofighter Magnus
Pyrofighter Magnus (Damaged)
Three-Faced Ashura Fang (Promo) x5
Cliffcrush Giant
Bolzard Dragon x2
Fighter Dual Fang x2
Bolshack Dragon x2
Armored Blaster Valdios x2
Charmilia, the Enticer
Urth, Purifying Elemental
Roaring Great-Horn
Thorny Mandra
Giliam, the Tormentor (Promo) x2
Dark Titan Maginn x2
Plasma Chaser
Ethel, Star Sea Elemental x2
Marinomancer (Promo) (Damaged)
Terror Pit (Holo) (Promo)
Explosive Fighter Ucarn (03.2004) x2
Gregorian Worm (Promo) x2
Torcon (Promo)
Gigakail (Promo)
Nocturnal Giant (Promo) x4
Night Master, Shadow of Decay (Atari) x2
Brain Serum (Atari)
Obsidian Scarab x2
Sinister General Damudo x2
King Mazelan
La Byle, Seekee of the Winds
Niofa, Horned Protector x2
King Aquakamui
Dobulgyser, Giant Rock Beast
Earthstomp Giant
Jack Viper, Shadow of Doom
Sieg Balicula, the Intense
Deathliger, Lion of Chaos
Q-Tronic Hypermind
Laveil, Seeker of Catastrophe
Splinterclaw Wasp
Invincible Cataclysm
Tank Mutant
Invincible Abyss
La Gila, Silver Rift Guardian
King Ripped Hide
Rayla, Truth Enforcer
Vampire Silphy x3
Vashuna, Sword Dancer
Bolmeteus Steel Dragon x2

Terror Pit x4
Phal Eaga, Dawn Guardian x4
Fortress Beetle x3
Rumbling Terahorn
Forbos, Sanctum Guardian Q x2
Rikabu’s Screwdriver x2
Amber Piercer x6
General Dark Fiend x6
Poison Worm x3
Frost Specter, Shadow of Age x2
Crespo Plague x2
Dark Clown x3
Night Master, Shadow of Decay x3
Schuka, Duke of Amnesia
Slime Veil x4
Skullsweeper Q x4
Intense Evil x3
Gnarvash, Merchant of Blood
Vashuna, Sword Dancer x2
Gregoria, Princess of War
Gamil, Knight of Hatred x2
Chains of Sacrifice x4
Photocide, Lord of the Wastes x2
Grave Worm Q x3
Natural Snare
Forbidding Totem
Brutal Charge x2
Stampeding Longhorn x2
Aurora of Reversal x4
Clobber Totem
Ancient Giant
Mystic Inscription x2
Nocturnal Giant x4
Bloodwing Mantis x3
Storm Shell x2
Aura Blast x5
Dawn Giant x2
Sword of Benevolent Light x4
Mystic Treasure Chest x2
Tri-Horn Shepherd x7
Red-Eye Scorpion
Aeris, Flight Elemental x2
Glory Snow x3
Chilias, the Oracle
Syforce, Aurora Elemental x3
Full Defensor
Arc Bine, the Astounding
Laser Wing x4
Lah, Purification Enforcer x3
Día Nork, Moonlight Guardian x2
Laguna, Lightning Enforcer x3
Cosmogold, Spectral Knight
Szubs Kin, Twilight Guardian
Spiral Grass x5
Raza Vega, Thunder Guardian x2
Alek, Solidity Enforcer
Bazagazeal Dragon x2
Chaotic Skyterror
Rothus the Traveler x2
Flametropus x4
Cannoneer Bargon x3
Chaos Strike
Bombersaur x2
Nomad Hero Gigio x2
Draglide x5
Magma Gazer x4
Metalwing Skyterror x3
Dogarn the Marauder x5
Blaze Cannon x2
Sea Slug x3
Hypersquid Walter x3
Aqua Bouncer
Raptor Fish
Psychic Shaper
Ripple Lotus Q
Crystal Memory
King Neptas
Aqua Deformer x2
Saucer-Head Shark
King Nautilus
Divine Riptide x2

Tornado Flame x15
Burst Shot x10
Crimson Hammer x10
Phantom Drsgon’s Flame x5
Comet Missile
Illusionary Merfolk x5
Aqua Hulcus x4
Corile x4
Thrash Crawler x2
Mystic Dreamscape x2
Emeral x7
Cocco Lupia x3
Mana Nexus
Aqua Surfer x2
Mana Crisis x4

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Massive Sell Thread (English DM01 - DM06) Empty Re: Massive Sell Thread (English DM01 - DM06)

Post by Snowmelody 28.06.21 7:43


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Massive Sell Thread (English DM01 - DM06) Empty Re: Massive Sell Thread (English DM01 - DM06)

Post by AlilNinja 29.06.21 4:38

PMed as well (hopefully there's some stuff left over XD)
Invincible Charge
Invincible Charge

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Massive Sell Thread (English DM01 - DM06) Empty Re: Massive Sell Thread (English DM01 - DM06)

Post by Halfar 29.06.21 16:13

Ah i see you found your way into this forum Smile

Good luck on selling those cards.
There are definitely some gems.

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Massive Sell Thread (English DM01 - DM06) Empty Re: Massive Sell Thread (English DM01 - DM06)

Post by DuelMastersTrade 16.07.21 12:11

Hey. I did send u a msg, let me know. have a nice day

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Massive Sell Thread (English DM01 - DM06) Empty Re: Massive Sell Thread (English DM01 - DM06)

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