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FDN Mykee Aggro

Invincible Charge
Invincible Charge

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FDN Mykee Aggro Empty FDN Mykee Aggro

Post by Halfar 30.05.21 13:05

Yo guys!

today i will show you my FDN Mykee Aggro.

FDN Mykee Aggro Whatsa13

I love that Civi-combi because its one of the few aggro decks that work without water!

The game plan is to abuse Mykee and go full berserk with annoying speed attacker.
The best move is to curve into Mykee with Mushroom and drop multiple Polligon or Gigaclaws.

To be exact:

4 Mykee's Plier's -> Key card, incredible effect for only 4 mana

2 Rumble Gate -> Support card, Synergy with Marrow Ooze, Polligon and Gonta

2 Pyrofighter -> One of the best Aggro cards in general

4 Pit -> Staple and one of the few removal cards

4 Gigaclaws -> Best combo card for Mykee, instant Lost Soul

4 Locomotiver -> Shield Trigger attacker and outs annoying cards like Pyro and Baza

2 Marrow Ooze -> Flexible card, blocker, attacker, low cost!
                          Doesn't die when attacking a creature with Rumble

4 Brutal Charge -> Our draw card, mostly searches Mykee, Pyro or Marrow Ooze

4 Poisonous Mushroom -> Best card to start with -> curves into Mykee

4 Polligon -> Mykee makes him a 1-drop Pyrofighter lmao, synergy with Rumble Gate

2 Galek -> Outs exactly problematic cards -> Blockers and Pyro/Baza

4 Gonta -> Perfect Aggro card, Strong on its own + synergy with Mykee, Rumble Gate

Cards that i've tested but didnt made the cut:

Miracolous Rebirth -> Strong card but 6 mana and multi-civi was too heavy. and sometimes bricky.

Valdios -> Insane aggressive card but i dont need to evolve Gonta.
Its better to spam the board or gain card advantage via Rumble Gate or Brutal Charge.

Wind Axe -> Galek just worse. Mana Ramp isnt as necessary as discarding one.

Searing Wave -> Galek or Gigaclaws are more aggressive and can swing for shields the same turn if we have Mykee on board.

Soulswap -> Only used it for defensive or as pseudo removal for blockers.

All in all fun to play but loses most times against heavy sweaty decks like Fortress Burn, Forbos etc

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