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Lookin g for 1 Kaijudo card


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Lookin g for 1 Kaijudo card  Empty Lookin g for 1 Kaijudo card

Post by EasyLover 15.04.20 22:16


Do yall also trade Kaijudo cards ? All i simply need, is 1x Grand Manipulator Agaryx. Ill pay well.
Master of Destruction
Master of Destruction

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Lookin g for 1 Kaijudo card  Empty Re: Lookin g for 1 Kaijudo card

Post by loui-mh 19.04.20 11:48

Hello @EasyLover!
Nice to have a fellow Kaijudo duelist, but please note that it's a Duel Masters forum, so Kaijudo activities should be kept to a minimum bc most of the members here aren't interested in Kaijudo.
Maybe we can open a new topic specified for Kaijudo activities to keep this topic only for DM TCG/OCG.
Cheers, Loui

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