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Selling my collection


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Selling my collection Empty Selling my collection

Post by Silvery 04.03.20 10:52

Hello, long time player/collector from Finland here, finally having to part with my beloved hobby of many years. I haven't really thought about the pricing yet so contact me if you find anything of your interest.

I've also only taken pictures of the stuff I think would be worth it. In addition I got a lot of rares, uncommons and commons from all TCG sets and some OCG, so ask if you're searching for something specific.

Cards: https://imgur.com/a/sePf0ai

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Selling my collection Empty Re: Selling my collection

Post by KazeBlack 08.03.20 21:26

Hello! It's a shame that you quit.

Sadly a lot of this is in pretty bad condition. Most of the cards are also outdated and are not played in any modern decks.
However Bolbalzak X, Codename Viola Sonata, Crossfire Millionaire and Bolshack Mobius are still stable in price. The rest is primarily reprints with very little value. Your best bet is selling the stable ones individually and then find someone to dump the rest all at once.

I would want a few of these for my personal collection and clients. However as they're used I won't pay you full price for them and would only buy them as a larger bundle. Plus I'm a seller, which I don't have to explain I think.

What I want (list goes in order of your images) :
1x DMR-08 Trueking Viola Sonata
1x DMX-12 Bolshack Cross NEX
1x DMR-06 Truename Lalala Lionel
1x DMX-12 Nero Gryphis
1x DMC-62 Peace Lupia
1x DMX-12 Balforce
1x DMR-03 Cosmocebu Lambda
1x DMC-62 Galaxy Lupia
1x DMC-62 Flameburn Dragon
1x DMX-12 Aqua Master
1x DMX-12 Jenny, the Suicide Doll
1x DMX-12 Marshall Queen
1x DMC-62 Super Spark

1x Invincible Cataclysm
1x Invincible Unity
2x Nariel,The Oracle.

I will PM you the price.

I see you have a lot of DMX-12. If you have more bulk of that set please show me. I am looking for a lot of common cards from that set.
In general, I am looking for loads of non-holographic cards from early japanese only sets (DM-13 to DM-36).

You will have a rough time to get the bad condition cards sold anywhere so your best way of getting rid of them in any form is donating them. Sadly this affects most of your bulk. If you want to get rid of some of your bulk, you can send me some. I won't pay you extra for it apart from shipping maybe as it's pretty bad condition bulk but this is stuff I donate to the young kids in my neighborhood whenever they ask me if I could teach them something about the game. They don't really keep their cards safe so the condition of the cards does not matter. If you want to donate some Japanese bulk and better condition bulk I am not the right person to ask but we have people in the trade ring who are really into charity and regularly donate bulk to Japanese kids stuck in hospitals so if you are into that I could forward the message and maybe someone else will get back to you eventually.

Viola Sonata has to be part fo the deal no matter what, otherwise this deal is not worth it for me.

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