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My inwards TCG Deck(Need help)


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My inwards TCG Deck(Need help) Empty My inwards TCG Deck(Need help)

Post by JadeSaber7860 13.11.19 11:55

Hi. I'm new here, and I have just reviewed my love for this franchise(When I save the OCG Bolshack Cards)going to Japan this Saturday and was thinking of getting my hands on some OCG exclusive and card that had TCG adaptations. I need help with my TCG deck.

Here it is
Civilizations: Fire, Nature and Water

Deck Total: 40/40

*=I have it in RL.
**=I have it on RL, but only 1 copy

Bolshack Dragon(Main Character Signature Card, Dragon, Fire is awesome, Double Breaker 6000+ attacker
*Astrocomet Dragon(My first Best Card, have been with me since I was 4, Double Breaker, 8000+ Attacker)
X2 Velyrika Dragon/Valkyrie Dragon(Armored Dragon Searcher)
Pyrofighter Magnus(Speed Attacker, returns to the hand, Mana 3 3000 Sweeper)
X4 Magmadragon Melgas(Mana 4 4000 Vanilla)
X2 Magmadragon Jagalz(If your creature destroys a Shield(anyone), your creatures gains Speed Attacker(attack on the turn they’re summoned)
X4 Cocco Lupia(Mana 3, makes Dragons lose 2 mana costs)

X3 Überdragon Bajula(When attacking, put two opponent Mana Cards into Graveyard, Triple Breaker)

**X2 Burst Shot(Sheild Trigger, destroys all Creatures with 2000 or less)
X2 Tornado Flame(Sheild Trigger, destroys Creature with 4000 or less)

X4 Terradragon Arque Delacerna(When discard by the opponent, put this in BZ instead)

X2 Super Terradragon Bailas Gale(Shield Triggered card goes to hand instead of gy, triple breaker, Mana 5 9000)

X4 Faerie Life(Shield Trigger, put Top Deck Card to Mana Zone)
X4 Natural Snare(Shield Trigger, put opponent monster from BZ to Mana Zone)


X4 Emergency Tychoon(Shield Trigger, Draw two, discard 1)
**X4 Energy Stream(Pot of Greed)

This deck is focused on summoning dragons. Is there anything I should change?

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