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Dokindam X Deck


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Dokindam X Deck Empty Dokindam X Deck

Post by revenge_time 26.06.21 6:48

Hi everyone, new here in DM Reborn.

You guys might have known me from Trade Cards Online when I used to play back in 2015-2016 times.

Well I didn't come across a Dokindam X deck here or any other Invasion deck in the recent topics. So anyone has a suggestion on this? I would love to have your opinion on this deck of mine. Thank you in advance.

Here are some of the cards which I have in mind for adding :

Creatures :

1. The Red, Lightning Sonic x 4
2. Redzone, Roaring Invasion x 4
3. Turbo 3, Supersonic x 2
5. Mach 55 , Supersonic x 2
6. The Mach , Lightning Sonic x 4
7. RedZone X, Forbidden Lightning Sonic x 2
8. Trig, Forbidden C x 2
9. Marmo , Forbidden C x 2
10. Single, Lightning Sonic x 2
11. Redzone Z , Passionate Invasion x 4
12. The Zet, Lightning Sonic x 4

Spells :

1. Liberation of the End x 4
2. The End of X x 4

Forbidden The Sealed X x 1
Dokindam X x 1

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