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UYG Swarm (Endgame List)

Master of Destruction
Master of Destruction

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UYG Swarm (Endgame List)  Empty UYG Swarm (Endgame List)

Post by Promised. 22.10.19 9:59

UYG Swarm (Aggro Combo)

Archetype is swarm because it has a lot of cantrips, and petrova's viablilty because of the race synergy in the deck.

Blue ( 11 )
4x Hulcus
2x Stream
1x Lucky Ball
4x Surfer

Yellow ( 16 )
4x Ballas
4x Magris
2x Petrova
3x Holy Awe
3x Craze

Green ( 10 )
4x Quixotic
4x BAT
2x Soulswap

Multi ( 3 )
3x Sanfist


Deck Size: 40


■Deck Archtypes
▪︎Aggro - Beatdown
▪︎Swarm - Aggro Combo
▪︎Tempo - Aggro Control
▪︎Midrange - Control Aggro (2types: Threat and Answer based)
▪︎Control - Control Combo

■ Here is a very brief competitve dm tcg 101 guide (For a detailed explaination, refer to Kevin's guide)

Identify your deck archtype > build it to achieve its gameplan in the most efficient way, by balancing colors and card counts > In matches the first thing to do is to identify what deck your opponent is playing, which will allow you to determine who is playing the "control" and who is the "aggro"> play in a way that allows you to most efficiently achieve your deck's gameplan

■ Kevin Ho's comprehensive guide to dm tcg:

■ *Balancing color counts is extremely important! *
Hypergeometric Calculator - https://stattrek.com/online-calculator/hypergeometric.aspx

■ TCG Tier List (Compendum of Meta Decks)

■ Shin's Youtube Channel: Promised. (telegram me your video duels I can upload them for you) - https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCTvfDBr-Al563DGeol6qEwQ

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UYG Swarm (Endgame List)  Empty Re: UYG Swarm (Endgame List)

Post by Spaulding 11.10.20 12:01

Very nice list. I love playing these type of deck.
After playing it for a while tho I found that 2x Soulswap are a bit too much in my opinion.
You often want to play more threads and only use it when it comes up as a Shield trigger. You can swap out opponents blockers and go for game tho but that situation rarely comes up.
I also like the addition of Emeral instead of Lucky Ball in your most updated list.

So I would replace 1 or 2 Swaps for Terahorn or Skysword. These cards really fit the type of the deck. Terahorn is another beefy Cantrip creature that can search anything you want (e.g. Craze to instantly evolve a Magris or Ballas the next turn) and Skysword gives you a better match up vs aggro, delayed card advantage since you need to charge mana to get to 6 anyway and save a card that way. Also the typing Initiate/Beast Folk is really nice.

Would be nice to hear your thoughts on my opinion.

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