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Leave Us Feedback & Ask a Question Empty Leave Us Feedback & Ask a Question

Post by Admin 25.11.16 19:41

0 Guidelines to Adding Questions

Like always, our forum rules are effective also when asking questions. We wish you state your questions clearly and that you are patient. We tend to answer questions as soon as possible.

Before you post a question here, read the below information related to our forum (Ctrl + f might prove to be an useful command). Also, read the FAQ in our forum offered by the licensor of our forum software. If you have questions about trading, we have a *separate thread* for those. Do not post them here.

I Generalities
1. Software of our forum
This software (in its unmodified form) is produced, released and is copyrighted by phpBB Group. It is made available under the GNU General Public License and may be freely distributed; see the link for more details. Forumotion hosts and updates this forum for free.

2. Adminstration of Duel Masters Reborn
The Excecutive Admin of Duel Masters Reborn ELTP and other members of administration team such as mods are responsible that this messaging board stays appropriate. The names of our Admins and Mods are highlighted and their titles state either admin/adminstrator or mod/moderator. A Regular user won't have these words in his title.

3. Selecting Mods
You won't usually be selected as a moderator for this forum but when we see a need for new moderators we choose users who act appropriately and are generally respected and who seem to be capable of overseeing our forum.

Moderators are working on voluntary basis and they don't get paid. We don't want to have people that wants power or would abuse their position; vice versa, we need people, that are calm and want to keep the discussion appropriate so that most of the members can enjoy Duel Masters Reborn.

4. Changing your username
Users can change their username after posting 200 messages or once a year (365 days) from their registration, whichever condition is met first. Thus it's advised to think of a suitable username for you right at the beginning.

Usernames are not allowed to be indecent or inappropriate. The length of the username can't be unreasonably long.

It's not allowed to create more than one username per person and such actions result in a punishment on the original account and a ban of the additional accounts.

5. The Relevance of Rules
Our rules are created so the members of Duel Masters Reborn can message or interact with other members safely. Without these rules, chaos would ensue and our users couldn't get the fullest out of our forum.

Duel Masters fans around the world are mainly adults since the game was discontinued late 2006. Despite this, we need rules to secure our members and to maintain order.

6. Intentional Provocation
The reason why we won't allow any kind of intentional provocation or bashing of, nor inappropriate or meaningless messages, is that we simply can't bother having them. You should be able to behave well when discussing with others.

7. Supporting Duel Masters Reborn
If you want to make donations for our forum, contact our admin ELTP to get more information regarding that matter. The best way to support our forum is adding appropriate and meaningful content and being active. That's what makes communities great.

II Creating a New Thread
1. Topics you can write about
Keep in mind that Duel Masters Reborn is created with Duel Masters on mind. In other words, keep off topic on the off topic section of our forum.

Most of our users are adults; don't post any ideological, religious, sexual, political or illegal content on our forum.

2. Avoiding Writing about an Existing Topic
You use the search bar in the upper border of our forum to search for topics you plan to write about. If you use an asterisk (* as a wildcard) at the end or at the beginning of your search input, you can search for partial hits. Furthermore, below the forum logo banner (between FAQ and Memberlist) you can find Advanced Search, which makes it even easier to search for content. If you don't get any hits directly related to your topic, feel free to add the topic. If you get hits, join the discussion.

3. Official Topics
If some subject is popular, we might merge already posted messages into one official topic. Don't create separate topics for already existing topics. Only our staff can make topics official and only rarely is it even needed. Often we just merge multiple threads into one and name it official.

4. Threads Containing only a Poll or a List
We usually don't allow these kind of threads since they don't tend to generate any kind of meaningful discussion and they just occupy space. As long as the thread offers something that you can discuss meaningfully and have different viewpoints, it's acceptable.

For example posting a thread about the best kind of control deck is a good topic since it demands arguments and meaningful discussion. Again, don't just ask the question but also offer some kind of starting point or point of view.

5. Writing using only specific vowels or substituting letters with numbers and other nonsense
Please only use standard or colloquial language on Duel Masters Reborn. So don't use unclear spelling especially if you ask something from us.

6. Other Topics
We won't allow meaningless discussion anywhere, even in our off topic section. So remember to offer something meaningful to talk about, always! Other points also apply there so no ideological, political stuff, etc, either.

7. Spam
Every useless, irritating, meaningless or often seen message is regarded as a spam. All kind of unnecessary tags and short messages that doesn't add anything useful here is considered as a spam too.

8. Bumping Threads
Dont bump your own threads or other's more than once in an hour, but also in this case it's advised to add something more on the table instead of just bumping.

III Other Thoughts
1. Breaking Rules
What results from breaking our rules highly depends on which rule you are breaking. Generally you will first get a warning from a mod. If you continue breaking rules you get your account suspended. If this doesn't help the suspension time is lengthened and ultimately your account will get banned for good, if you keep on breaking the rules.

So if a user constantly advertises, behaves or writes inappropriately, he can rest assured that his account is going to be permanently shut down.

2. Bans
We are not publicly sharing the reasons why a member is banned. Even if a user is banned it might just be a suspension and doesn't necessarily mean that it's something permanent. It might be just days or weeks. The user will be informed why he is banned and how long the ban will last.

3. Inappropriate Users
Please report inappropriate users to our staff. An appropriate user is a user who writes:
A) offensively to make others angry or upset.
B) the same thing all over and over and over again to disturb the flow of our forum.
C) just to appeal the goodwill of our members and advertises a weird website or even tries to sell you bootleg products.

Note that a user who has a different opinion is NOT an inappropriate user.

4. Sharing Web Pages
You can share links to your own web pages on your signature but don't create a topic just to advertise some non-DM-related website.

Our site is created for discussing all Duel Masters related things and if you keep on advertising your website, we'll add it to our swearing filter.

5. Freedom with Rules
Like all practical communities, we have rules according to how our users will use our forum. The reason for this is to keep conversation on point and prevent inappropriate use of our forum. We want to keep things well organized here so that you can have fun.

You are free to leave Duel Masters Reborn whenever you like but so are we to prevent your access here. We are not against freedom of speech but when you register here, you commit yourself to follow our rules.

6. Trading
You can ask all trading related questions and check our Trading Q&A on our Trading Questions thread.

7. Asking Other Questions
If you have other questions, feel free to ask us them either here or directly by contacting a member of our staff. Remember to use a clear headline and language.

8. Leaving feedvack
Here you can also leave feedback on anything related to the Duel Masters Reborn message boards. You can also create your own thread for your post, but remember to keep it simple and clear. A badly formed message or headline makes it harder interpreting them.

Feedback must be constructive, and we allow no hostile or otherwise hollow messages, which is also the case when messaging here in general. Positive Feedback is welcome as long as the message is still somewhat useful, but we prefer proposals for improvement. Respect the forum rules always; leaving feedback is no exception.

We respect your feedback and stay open minded.

Thank you for reading the guidelines for asking a question and leaving feedback,
ELTP - Admin

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Leave Us Feedback & Ask a Question Empty Re: Leave Us Feedback & Ask a Question

Post by Qbius 04.02.17 11:53

Does the forum template that we're using allow adding custom BBCode tags? If so, adding
which would be interpreted as
would be awesome. We've been using them on all polish forums for years and it's a big help.

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Leave Us Feedback & Ask a Question Empty Re: Leave Us Feedback & Ask a Question

Post by Admin 04.02.17 12:37

Great idea actually and I'm sure that can be added there, I have done minor tweaks here and there. I just have to figure out where exactly. Do you know which kind of code was used on the Polish forum?

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