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Selling my old stack of cards


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Selling my old stack of cards Empty Selling my old stack of cards

Post by Thomean on 24.01.18 10:51

Hey everyone!

I found my old stack of DM cards. (around 200 of them) And I wondered if I could sell it. So here I am Smile The cards are from DM01, DM02, DM05 and DM06.

All cards are M/NM and as long as you are willing to pay for the delivery I am willing to send it anywhere haha. Or maybe we can come to an arrangement. Or maybe it is not even worth anything. Well, just let me know. I am from The Netherlands for people who are wondering if it is even worth it whith the shipping costs.


Red-Eye Scorpion
Szubs Kin, Twilight Guardian

Brain Serum
Forest Hornet
Iocant, the Oracle

4x Bronze-Arm Tribe
Death Smoke
Fire Sweeper Bunring Hellion
Golden Wing Striker
Immortal Baron, Vorg
Phantom Fish
Reusol, the Oracle


Hypersquid Walter
Phal Eega, Dawn Guardian

Cavalry General Curatops
Crystal Lancer
Diamon Cutter
Larba Geer, the Immaculate
Lost Soul
Mana Crisis

2x Critical Blade
Horrid Worm
2x Leaping Tornado Horn
Logic Cube
Magris, Vizier of Magnetism
2x Recon Operation
2x Rumble Gate


Super Rare
Billion-Degree Dragon (foil)
King Tsunami (foil)

Very Rare
Obsidian Scarab (foil)
Sinister General Damudo (foil)

Brutal Charge
Cannoneer Bargon
Glory Snow
2x Nocturnal Giant
2x Sea Slug
Slime Veil
Snork La, Shrine Guardian
2x Syforce, Aurora Elemental
2x Twin-Cannon Skyterror

5x Aqua Surfer
4x Balloonshroom Q
4x Ballus, Dogfight Enforcer Q
3x Bolgash Dragon
3x Bombat, General of Speed
2x Cyclone Panic
4x Enchanted Soil
2x Gigakail
Horned Mutant
4x La Guile, Seeker of Skyfire
2x Miracle Quest
3x Moon Horn
3x Scheming Hands
2x Split-Head Hydroturtle Q
3x Thunder Net

3x Ambush Scorpion
4x Blazosaur Q
4x Calgo, Vizier of Rainclouds
2x Crow Winger
4x Gallia Zohl, Iron Guardian Q
3x Gigaling Q
3x Gigazoul
3x Jewel Spider
2x Kip Chippotto
3x Kulus, Soulshine Enforcer
3x Le Quist, the Oracle
4x Lurking Eel
4x Rikabu, the Dismantler
4x Ruthless Skyterror
4x Scissor Scarab
4x Smash Horn Q
4x Solidskin Fish
3x Spikestrike Ichthys Q
3x Steel-Turret Cluster
5x Wisp Howler, Shadow of Tears


Charmilia, the Enticer (foil)
Cosmogold, Spectral Knight

Adomis, the Oracle
2x Bliss Totem, Avatar of Luck
2x Hazard Crawler
Neon Cluster
Protective Force
Shock Hurricane
2x Trash Crawler

2x Chekicul, Vizier of Endurance
2x Chen Treg, Vizier of Blades
Dimension Gate
2x Energy Stream
3x Faerie Life
2x Kanesill, the Explorer
2x Madrillon Fish
3x Mighty Bandit, Ace of Thieves
2x Sopian
3x Spiral Gate
Vess, the Oracle
Black Shadow
Black Shadow

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Selling my old stack of cards Empty Re: Selling my old stack of cards

Post by OcaVan on 24.01.18 18:15

I will send you a PM.

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Selling my old stack of cards Empty Re: Selling my old stack of cards

Post by ELTP on 25.01.18 18:11

These cards are probably generally the most wanted of your cards:
Billion-Degree Dragon
King Tsunami
Obsidian Scarab
Sinister General Damudo
Phal Eega
Brutal Charge
Aqua Surfers
Energy Streams

I'm not interested in buying but just wanted to highlight those so that others would notice them more easily.

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Selling my old stack of cards Empty Re: Selling my old stack of cards

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