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Rules of Duel Masters Reborn


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Rules of Duel Masters Reborn Empty Rules of Duel Masters Reborn

Post by Admin 25.11.16 19:38

Rules of Duel Masters Reborn

I General
Welcome to Duel Masters Reborn's Message Board.

Our administrators and moderators will remove all inappropriate messages as soon as they run across them, but it’s possible you find them first. Please report inappropriate messages and behavior ASAP to our moderators or administrators.

The most important rule here in Duel Masters Reborn is to respect others and behave appropriately. This forum is part of the project which aims to improve the situation of Duel Masters globally. Everyone who accepts to follow the rules written here are welcome to join us. Inappropriate behavior is never tolerated by anyone and it will get you banned with no exceptions.

All the writings on Duel Masters Reborn – even by our administrators and moderators – don’t necessarily reflect the vision of people behind the Duel Masters Reborn message board.

II Behavior and Writing on DMR
We tolerate no bashing or flaming of any individual, community or even a website. Everyone is different so you must be tolerant. It should be no problem to communicate with others without openly despising them.

If you run into problems with any of our members, contact the staff. Disagreements between individuals is not meant to be publicly shared.  

Furthermore, swearing and bad language is prohibited here in any language, and so is the spreading of ideological, political or religious messages.

When posting topics or replies don’t spam the forums. This includes:
1) Listing threads or topics that do not generate any meaningful replies like "Oh, that's cool!"
2) Posts not relevant to the topic at hand. When the topic is your favorite card, you can’t write about your favorite color only, for example.
3) Blatantly advertising websites. Leave all those useless links elsewhere.
4) Testing your signature.
5) Word Association and other games.
6) ”That’s cool” and similar comments on topics.

Don’t address a specific person or persons. If you want to contact one person, use our private messaging system, email address or other forms of contact.

Don’t over use colors or formatting in your posts and don’t use colors in your headings. This is the right of our administrators and moderators only to draw attention easier.

Signatures should contain nothing that isn’t allowed in our message board. Keep your signature appropriate!

III One person, one user profile
Every user account is unique and tied to the person creating it. A person can have only one account EVER. A ban is given when a user acts inappropriately or in a prohibited way and it doesn’t give you the right to create a new user account here.

Furthermore, because a user account is tied to the person creating it, no other person can ever use it. Selling a user account or even sharing it with a trusted person is never accepted and leads to a ban.

If you get bored with your user name, don’t create a new account but contact the staff. You still can't change your user account more than once a year (365 days), excluding the time when you create your user account the very first time.

If you don’t respect this rule, your extra accounts get banned or even deleted and your original account may get punished.

IV Groups
Our users can belong to a group on the message board here after they have read the rules about groups on Duel Masters Reborn. Every group specific talk must be posted on the section dedicated to our groups.

V Trading
Users are welcome to use our trading forums to exchange, sell and buy cards. Before a user is eligible to trade, he must first read and understand our Trading Rules our Guide to Trading.

The administration can reverse users' eligibility to trade any given time if they see fit. Duel Master Reborn’s administrators and moderators aren’t responsible for unsuccessful trades or deals. When facing an unclear situation, contact our staff.

VI Illegal material
Illegal Material is NOT to be posted on this message board. This includes:
1) links to file sharing sites that distribute ANY copyrighted material.
2) Posting materials soliciting involvement in illegal business schemes.
3) Anything dealing with hacking, cracking, phreaking, and keygens.
4) Providing or linking to software viruses, trojan horses, or any other computer code, files, or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment.
5) Sharing adult entertainment or anything that is not suitable for a younger audience.
6) Impersonating another person or entity of our staff, other members, or a company representative.
7) Any violation of private property such as full names or residential address.

If you are unsure if material is legal or not, you shouldn’t post it. A user is fully responsible for his posts here including all the links.

VII Flooding
Flooding, posting repeatedly and rapidly alone or in coordination with other users, in an effort to disrupt the normal functioning of our message board will result in a ban.

VIII Ideologies and Beliefs
All kind of ideological and religious posts in any form is prohibited here, and that kind of posts and topics will be removed with no exception. You shouldn’t include any ideological or religious messages in your signature, either.

IX Bumping
A bump is a post whose sole purpose is to "bump" a topic up to the front page. Excessive bumping is not tolerated. It's not fair to others if you keep "bumping" your thread up to the front page without actually adding anything to the discussion. If you want to arouse discussion you should participate in the discussion instead of just bumping the topic with vacuous posts.

You can bump up your trading thread minimum 24 hours after the last message posted there and bumping it up more will result in a temporal locking of the topic.

X End Sentence
All activity or material violating the rules stated here will be blocked, edited, removed or locked. All irrelevant posts and threads will be removed or at least transferred to a correct section. All persons who violate the rules stated here will most likely get banned temporarily or for good. If your messages are diagnosed mischievous, the log in of your account, e-mail address and IP address may be denied access to Duel Masters Reborn.

The staff may adjust these rules when they see fit. When you register you commit to respect these rules.

DATE: 25.11.2016

ELTP – Admin of DM Reborn

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