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Favorite Flavor Texts?


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Favorite Flavor Texts? Empty Favorite Flavor Texts?

Post by PatronSaint 20.07.17 18:18

Hey all,

I know this has been done before but I gotta ask: What're your favorite flavor texts on cards? There are a lot of great ones, both from a cool standpoint (i.e. Invincible Aura) to funny (MANY examples, such as Moon Horn). So to that end, pick one from each civilization!

Here are mine to start:
Fire: Armored Walker Urherion: "The world at peace? I'd rather see the world in pieces."

Nature: Innocent Hunter, Blade of All: "His soul is so pure that anywhere he wanders accepts him as a native son. His infinite destinies lie just over the horizon."

Water: Smile Angler: "I love the ocean! I love fish! I love rocks! I love being an artificial monstrosity constructed by the Cyber Lords! Everything is great!"

Darkness: Snake Attack: "Baraga unsuccessfully gave swords to his army of snakes."

Light: Fu Reill, Seeker of Storms: "The only smoke screen coming from Ballom will be the one billowing off of his smoldering carcass."


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Favorite Flavor Texts? Empty Re: Favorite Flavor Texts?

Post by margraf 20.07.17 21:56

Ballom, Master of Death:
"You see a world. I see a graveyard-to-be"

Vile Mulder, Wing of the Void:
"Its heart cries for conquest. Its blood sings a dirge of doom."

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Favorite Flavor Texts? Empty Re: Favorite Flavor Texts?

Post by Yami_Michael 21.07.17 8:45


Dekodekodekkodekoriririnadeko...Ouch! I bit my tongue! Your name is so hard to pronounce! —Dorodoro Gekikarekara Curryban, Passion Dragon

Favorite Flavor Texts? PyjoDV3
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Favorite Flavor Texts? Empty Re: Favorite Flavor Texts?

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