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    Do not copy decks from supersolenoid

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    Do not copy decks from supersolenoid Empty Do not copy decks from supersolenoid

    Post by Mr-ex777 08.02.17 12:28

    Rule thumb 1 on dueling on TCO; Do not copy decks from Supersolenoid winner decks. Those decks are built for real life duels and are basically counter rush and are not built against the varied amount of decks in the TCO environment. I've tried copying MaltNEXTs and LW Mira12 on supersolenoid when i was first there and got trampled by Acme decks and Jelvis decks, respectively.

    Plus there are also situations where i got chipped to death because i did not get the cards i need to deal with threats, like most 5c Busters packing 2 Shortshots and 2 Rafululus which i found out on TCO is NOT enough regardless of whoever tells you.

    Many of them also rely on Revolution 0 Triggers for defense which will get you countered on TCO because they are only useful against rushing, or don't really have anything to do if pitted against Magnum, Shortshot or VAN Beethoven because they don't really need to face them most of the time.

    And i found out that Many of the light decks (Rosia Mira12, LW Miradante, Non-looping Heaven's Gate etc.) in supersolenoid were completely passive and thus one Oriotis or Magnum (Any 1 of the 3 kinds) and you will be slowly chipped to death. It would be much easier if Arcadia spark was costing 5 or 6. But none the less you need to hard remove stuff on TCO, just stopping an attack is usually not enough.

    Plus many of the meta trolls i found out run ramps, although i'm seeing less ramps and more rushes on tco possibly because the major meta players were out or something.

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    Do not copy decks from supersolenoid Empty Re: Do not copy decks from supersolenoid

    Post by Admin 08.02.17 12:46

    Interesting analysis on the current TCO meta phenomena. Merely copying decks is never a good idea but combining them and twisting them is! That's how you could create something new or at least a bit different.

    No deck is perfect a winner deck even in an official tournament doesn't automatically translate into a universal winner deck because such a deck doesn't exist. Some decks are stronger than others and have a higher win rate. Still, your deck's success is always depending on the opposing decks and naturally luck and your skill level.

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