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Base Set Only Decks from a Newbie


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Base Set Only Decks from a Newbie Empty Base Set Only Decks from a Newbie

Post by Zanji123 05.09.19 18:31


my first Post here so first: Hi guys from Germany. My friends and i wanted to "relive our past" kinda and want to build decks from Base Set only (adding more expansions every few months).
1) only Base Set (we travelled back in time and DM just came out)
2) we print the cards so we have every cards

sooo my problem is.... i never really played (i was ygo player back then) sooo i might need some help. I tried to build it from a FF TCG player but that might totally be wrong

Water/Darkness Control

2x Marine Flower
2x Hunter Fish
3x Revolver Fish
2x Unicorn Fish
3x Aqua Hulcus
2x Aqua Sniper
2x PHantom Fish
3x Spiral Gate
2x Saucer-Head Shark
2x Brain Serum

2x Wandering Braineater
3x Terror Pit
2x Swamp Worm
3x Masked Horror Shadow of Scorn
2x Death Smoke
3x Bone Assasin the Ripper
3x Ghost Touch

in General -> Discard for my opponement -> more cards for me

soo.. and i need another deck so i don't know... Is mono Light viable? or something with Nature and big Monsters woudl be nice (Nature/Fire???)
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Base Set Only Decks from a Newbie Empty Re: Base Set Only Decks from a Newbie

Post by AleksVin 09.09.19 11:11

Hi, I'm also from Germany.

When it comes to Duel Masters decks you can play up to 4 copies of a card. So I would max out cards like Aqua Hulcus and Terror Pit. Playing more copies of Brain Serum could also be useful, considering Energy Stream hasn't been out at the time.

Swamp Worm and Masked Horror I consider to be pretty bad cards, since they are way too overcosted. For discard I would therefore add another copie of Ghost Touch.

For Blockers I would focus on the water creatures, since the darkness ones weren't that good at the time. (with the exception of bloody squito)

I would also focus on small cost creatures, since in the first sets most expensive 6+Mana creatures came way too late.

It's a bit difficult to build a decent DM-01 deck. I would include DM-02, since the set helped to define quite a few fun and strong decks for the early formats.
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Base Set Only Decks from a Newbie Empty Re: Base Set Only Decks from a Newbie

Post by Halfar 10.09.19 16:47

Hey a DM01 Format is pretty cool !
I would max-out Pit, Hulcus, Brain Serum and cut the Swamp Worm.
Maybe cut a few Blocker. You dont need that much unless your Opponent playing a Deck which focuses on Aggro/Rush.

Maybe try Water/Darkness/Fire
as Fire can give you a great controlling element with Gatling Skyterror and Crimson/Tornado.

Or try Water/Darkness/Light
as Light has access to the awesome Holy Awe and Urth were pretty strong back in the DM01 Days Smile
Also you can search Spells with Rayla which could be pretty good.
Searching power cards like Holy Awe, Pit, Spiral Gate is awesome.

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Base Set Only Decks from a Newbie Empty Re: Base Set Only Decks from a Newbie

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