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[RANT] Facebook Shut Down.

Master of Destruction
Master of Destruction

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[RANT] Facebook Shut Down.  Empty [RANT] Facebook Shut Down.

Post by Mr-ex777 04.02.17 16:07

As i had reported in the duelist Blacklist thread Neos96 (Nicholas Neo) has reported my facebook account along with Stefan's and it was now asking for an ID and i can never recover it because nobody wants to get their personal identity known (By the way if i would use my real name the guy could use it to dox me). Facebook save for blocking my account also blocked my ip so i can no longer create a new account with it; Any attempt to make an account results in the create an account button being unresponsive.

It is completely sad that Facebook seems to be completely ran by bots or lazy people that just processes user reports to the detriment of others.

By the way if you had not been done so blacklist Neos96. you were warned. He is very dangerous and destroyed 2 core members of the site (Me and Stefan) by exploiting facebook's rigged policies and i don't want any more harm.

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[RANT] Facebook Shut Down.  Empty Re: [RANT] Facebook Shut Down.

Post by Admin 04.02.17 16:38

This situation seems very bad. So since you are using a nickname instead of your real name for the account on FB you won't be able to recover it. That's weird and surely frustrating.

Hopefully the situation will get better.

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