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Searching for DM07 and DM12 Boxes


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Searching for DM07 and DM12 Boxes Empty Searching for DM07 and DM12 Boxes

Post by diabolicaldrew 08.11.21 22:35

Hello all!

So in my youtube series of opening all DM TCG boxes on the channel, I am down to 2 boxes left! I am ideally looking for sealed DM07 and DM12 boxes. I know DM12 especially will be hard to lock down, but I am willing to buy or trade quite a bit to get these final boxes. Not the 1600ish USD that people are listing DM07 boxes on Ebay for, but pretty open. I hope you are all well. If you have any leads or are interseted in dealing with me, feel free to message me on this thread, on the DM Reborn Discord or DM me here. Discord is perferred because I check it more, but am fine with any. Happy collecting and dueling to you all!


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Searching for DM07 and DM12 Boxes Empty Re: Searching for DM07 and DM12 Boxes

Post by Dmplayer123456789 09.11.21 9:49

Hi, I don't know how you're going to find this .... I'm a subscriber to your channel, I like to watch your openings. Don't you have some extra cards to sell by chance?

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