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DM collection Sale


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DM collection Sale Empty DM collection Sale

Post by cardtrader88 17.07.20 20:23

Hey all, few weeks back i introduced myself on this forum, and said i'd be going through my collection and categorize them, and today im dropping the list of my mentionable haves.
I reside in Canada, so shipping will be on a person to person basis. I've used the price guide in the trading thread, not looking to get exactly what it's said on there, so throw me offers and we can make a deal.
If anyone is interested in the whole shabang, i'm willing to sell the entire thing in one go, just know there are about 4-5 wizards of the coasts boxes worth of cards, so the package will be extremely heavy.
I'm looking to do the transactions through paypal, i'm obviously fine with F&F, but if your feel safer doing G&S that's fine, as long as the buyer pays the fees.
in all trades, after we have come to an agreement, and the shipping cost has been finalized, I ask that you pay first before I send anything out. I understand there is a feedback system, but I would feel more comfortable this way. I'd suggest paying through G&S just so you have peace of mind, though I'm not trying to scam anyone here, just trying to get bills payed.
I will be as transparent as possible, most cards are in perfect condition, if there is a card you are interested in that is not, i will obviously let you know (ex: 1 fighter dual fang is in good condition, 1 has a crease in the middle).
i will send as many pictures you could ask for, just so you know that;
1- i have the card in hand
2- shows the condition

If there are any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Here's what I have:

Very Rares

Tower Shell
Thorny Mandra
Bolzard Dragon
Legendary Bynor
King Mazelan
Kachua, Keeper of the Icegate
Xeno Mantis
Supporting Tulip
Azaghast, Tyrant of Shadows
Invincible Technology x3

Super Rares

Aqua Sniper
Fighter Dual Fang x2
Stallob, the Lifequasher
Garkago Dragon
Deathblade Beetle
Astrocomet Dragon
Armored Blaster Valdios x2
Siri, Glory Elemental x2
Miar, Comet Elemental x2
Earthstomp Giant
Ultra Mantis, Scourge of Fate
Ultracide Worm

Starter Deck Holos
Mist Rias, Sonic Guardian
Amber Piercer x2
Metalwing Skyterror
Rothus, the Traveler
Charmilia, the Enticer
Pyrofighter Magnus x4

Event Promos

Trenchdive Shark
Sasha, Channeler of Suns
Twin-Cannon Skyterror x4
Innocent Hubter, Blade of All x2
Gregorian Worm x2

Tournament Promos

Terror Pit
Crystal Lancer x4

JDC Promos

Emeral x5
Magris, Vizier of Magnetism x2
Apocalypse Vise
Uberdragon Zaschack x5
Q-tronic Omnistrain x2
Grave Worm Q
Boltail Dragon
Explosive Fighter Ucarn
Bolgash Dragon
Giliam, the Tormentor
Nocturnal Giant
Barkwhip, the Smasher
Chaos Worm x6
Dyno Mantis, the Mightspinner x3
Torcon x2
Valkrowzer, Ultra Rock Beast x8
Armored Groblav x2
Phantasmal Horror Gigazabal x4
Marinomancer x2
World Tree, Root of Life
Gigakail x3

McDonalds Promos

Aqua Hulcus x5
Aqua Jolter x3
Toel, Vizier of Hope x3
Mighty Shouter x4
Ur Pale, Seeker of Sunlight x3
Twister Fish
Mongrel Man

Notable Rares

Holy Awe x2
Terror Pit x1
Bazagazeal Dragon x2
Twin-Cannon Skyterror
Cataclysmic Eruption
Cannoneer Bargon x2
Rothus, the Traveler x5
Crisis Boulder
Armored Decimator Valkaizer x2
Slaphappy Soldier Galback
Kyrstron, Lair Delver x2
Shock Trooper Mykee
Furious Onslaught
Natural Snare x6
Rumbling Terahorn x4
Cryptic Totem x3
Forbidding Totem
Mystic Treasure Chest
Aurora of Reversal x4
World Tree, Root of Life
Elf-X x3
Tangle Fist, the Weaver x3
Brutal Charge x2
Terradragon Gamiratar x2
King Neptas x7
Trenchdive Shark
Hydro Hurricane
Aqua Deformer x2
Schuka, Duke of Amnesia
Photocide, Lord of the Wastes
Chains of Sacrifice
Necrodragon Galbazeek x2
Phantasmal Horror Gigazabal x2
Frost Specter, Shadow of Age
Vile Mulder, Wing of the Void x2
Holy Awe x4

Notable Commons and Uncommons

Quixotic Hero Swine Snout x3 sold
Sniper Mosquito x 13
Muscle Charger x4
Smash Horn Q x3
Magris, Vizier of Magnetism x1
Mist Rias, Sonic Guardian x3
Gachack, Mechanical Doll x7
Rumblesaur Q x3
Future Slash x3
Mongrel Man x8
Chaos Worm x3
Vine Charger x1
Cocco Lupia x4
Blazosaur Q x2
Fists of Forever x1
Kolon, the Oracle x8
Rikabu, the Dismantler x8
Kooc Pollon x4
Comet Missile x3 SOLD
Volcano Charger x3
Pyrofighter Magnus x2
Corpse Charger x7
Propeller Mutant x2 SOLD
Locomotiver x6
Aqua Hulcus x2
Emeral x7
Illusionary Merfolk x6
Aqua Surfer x6
Thrash Crawler x5
Eureka Charger x1
Corile x1
Energy Stream  x3
Crystal Lancer x3

Schuka, Duke of Amnesia Japanese Promo x3

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Join date : 2020-06-14

DM collection Sale Empty Re: DM collection Sale

Post by cardtrader88 14.08.20 21:45

sold some items, updated list

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