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Hello all!


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Hello all! Empty Hello all!

Post by cardtrader88 14.06.20 23:04

how's it going everyone! wow, can't believe i was able to find a dm forum still standing, its been ages! was bored the other day and after purchasing a kaijudo pack from a local shop i figured, eh, lets see what dm has been up to this last decade (i heard talking to a friend that apparently its still a big thing in japan) the new games pretty much the same i guess and the artwork still rocks, so i dug through my closet and flushed out some old wizards of the coast boxes and started goin through my old dm cards, brought back some great memories, favourite was coming in second in a 5 civilizations tournament (STILL CAN'T BELIEVE HE TOP DECKED A CORILE AND BOUNCED MY ONLY BLOCKER!)

I noticed you guys had a trading thread, I guess since i really have no use for my cards, if people are interested i'd be willing to part with them, i'll read through all the trading rules first and probably put up a post there in the next week or so. If anyone needs a certain card, throw me a msg and ill check if i have it. i believe i stopped playin right when the multi-coloured cards came out like bombazar, so anything after that set i wont have.

hope to chat with some of you! take care

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Hello all! Empty Re: Hello all!

Post by DiamondDust 15.06.20 3:16

Hi there! Welcome to the forum!

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