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Seeling my cards


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Seeling my cards Empty Seeling my cards

Post by Gwyndbleidd13 18.08.19 22:04

I recently found my old duelMasters collection and would like to sell some of my cards and get a little bit money out of it. But cause there aren't many shops in Germany which would still buy these cards I turn to this forum.

I documented all my cards in this google doc:
My collection

I think most of my cards are N/NM, some are german some are english.

I don't have a right grab on these card prices. My only information are the suggestive card values from this forum
I would ship to every country, but cause of shipping cost outside of europe, maybe we could split the shipping fee. Also I don't have a problem to sell single cards. Just hit me up if you want some

I hope I got everything covered, if not I will answer every questions.


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