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omswizard's buying/trading thread


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omswizard's buying/trading thread Empty omswizard's buying/trading thread

Post by omswizard 08.10.17 11:28

Hello, everyone!

Let me introduce myself first:
I am a huge fan of the game and have been ever since it came out. Playing with these cards is one of my main hobbies, and I don't regret it all. Smile Sometimes I play on tradecardsonline, but I think it's not even half of that exciting as the real life meets and tournaments. I live in Austria, and it seems I am the only one in local, so this makes me a bit sad.

My collection is still relatively small compared to some of yours, therefore I prefer buying more than trading at the moment.

All DMR rules are applied, of course.

Promo needs:

3x Terror Pit
2x Apocalypse Vise
2x Marinomancer
4x Slash Charger
4x Corile
3x Emeral
3x Locomotiver
4x Magris

Other Foil needs:

1x Bolmeteus Steel Dragon

Rare needs:

4x Cranium Clamp (I am interested in both of the English and the Japanese nerfed version)

Common/Uncommon needs:

3x Propeller Mutant
4x Galek, the Shadow Warrior

I will update this thread with some of my haves soon, until then who intend to sell me some of their spare cards, I am open to any offers and negotiations.

I am present on e-bay and carousell as well, so I believe I have some base knowledge about their prices.


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