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Patrikku's selling thread


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Patrikku's selling thread Empty Patrikku's selling thread

Post by Patrikku 19.04.17 23:13

Hello guys !

I have not played for a really long time and i will not do it again, so i have got cards for sell Smile 90% of them are looking like new ones. I live in Poland. If you are intrested, just ask me and i will take a photo or give you more

specific information.
- "ger" - card is in german,
- "holo" - card is holographic

I can add an art sleeve for free ( I have got like 40 art sleeves) or a deck box (low price) Enjoy Smile

Cards are arranged from most rare to least rare:

Aeris, Flight Elemental
La Guile, Seeker of Skyfire
Thunder Net
Toel, Vizier of Hope x2
Frei, Vizier of Air
Ra Vu, Seeker of Lightning x2
Screaming Sunburst x2
Fu Reil, Seeker of Storms
Diamond Cutter x2
Mist Rias, Sonic Guardian x3
Moonlight Flash x2
Solar Ray x3
Miele, Vizier of Lightning x2
Gulan Rias, Speed Guardian x5
Le Quist, the Oracle
Logic Cube
Whisking Whirlwind
Amber Grass
Fonch, The oracle

Trox, General of Destruction (holo) (ger)
Poison Worm
Photocide, Lord of the Wastes
Slime Veil
Chains of sacrifice (ger)
Vashuna, Sword Dancer (holo)
Gamil, Knight of Hatred
Gregoria, Princess of War (ger)
Swamp Worm
Dark Reversal x2
Lost Soul
Horned Mutant
Gachback, Mechanical Doll
Soul Gulp x2
Lupa, Poison-Tipped Doll
Necrodragon Izorist Vhal
Dark Raven, Shadow of Grief
Gigabolver x2
Mongrel Man x3 (one holo)
Venom Worm
Bone Spider
Volcano Smog, Deceptive Shade x3 (one ger)
Locomotiver (ger)
Death Smoke x2
Shadow Moon, Cursed Shade
Critical Blade x2
Snake Attack
Trixo, Wicked Doll
Darkpact x2 (one ger)
Marrow Ooze, the Twister x2
Skeleton Thief, the Revealer x2 (one ger)
Purple Piercer x3
Bloody Squito x3
Black Feather, Shadow of Rage
Gregorian Worm x2 (one ger)
Horrid Worm
Bone Assassin, The Ripper x3
Zombie Varnival
Jewel Spider

King Aquakamui (ger)(holo)
King Mazelan (holo)
Astral Warper (ger)(holo)
Aqua Knight
Saucer-Head Shark
Abduction Charger
Smile Angler
Hydro Hurricane (ger)
Stained Glass
Faerie Child
Revolver Fish
Splash Zebrafish
Thought Probe
Miracle Quest
Spikestrike Ichthys Q
Candy Drop
Spiral Gate
Recon Operation
Keeper of the Sunlit Abyss
Tentacle Cluster
Scissor Eye
Aqua Guard
Battery Cluster
Phantom Fish
Angler Cluster
Keep Candle
Hunter Fish

Bolzard Dragon (holo)
Chaotic Skyterror
Burst Shot
Bobat, General of Speed
Sword of Malevolent Death x2 (one ger)
Blasto, Explosive Soldier x5 (one ger)
Brawler Zyler x2
Deadly Fighter Braid Claw
Pippie Kuppie (ger)
Fire Sweeper Burning Hellion
Explosive Dude Joe
Rikabu, the Dismantler
Rumble Gate
Kamikaze, Chainsaw Warrior


Sword of Benevolent Life
Storm Shell
Fortress Shell
Dew Mushroom
Dimension Gate x3
Essence Elf
Bronze-Arm Tribe x2
Rainbow Stone x2
Mighty Sho0uter x2
Silver Axe
Smash Horn Q
Burning Mane x2
Exploding Cactus x3 (one ger)
Fear Fang (ger)

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