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Qualitiy content straight outta Germany

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Qualitiy content straight outta Germany Empty Qualitiy content straight outta Germany

Post by loui-mh on 01.04.20 15:11

Cheers everybody,

as some of you may already know, we have a YT channel since last year. First we only had some matches we filmed at our meetings and since this year we have our first deck profile online.
There is a long distance between where we're living, so we can't meet very often, but we 're going to upload once in a while new content including new matches and deckprofiles.
So here is the point:
If you have any preferences you would like to see, let us know!
Check out our channel - maybe there are any decks you would like to get to know better, new matches between your favourite decks or deck ideas we should build and test.
No matter what, let us know! bounce

You can access our channel directly via:

Cheers from Germany and stay healthy,


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Qualitiy content straight outta Germany Empty Re: Qualitiy content straight outta Germany

Post by AustraliaDuelMasters on 02.04.20 1:46

Already subscribed, great content. How did you make your cover photo it’s dope! Would you be able to make me one for my Australia Duel Masters channel by any chance?

    Current date/time is 25.05.20 18:34