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I never got this level of pissed off before

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I never got this level of pissed off before Empty I never got this level of pissed off before

Post by Mr-ex777 03.06.17 16:37

Today i basically never won a match. In fact yesterday i was losing once before that and also a win after then, then i go on a loss streak. I'm not a bad player but i don't deserve this. I really don't. Let me tell you what happened:

Second to last duel yesterday: WF Redzone versus Doromar Mira12. I used shortshot and Redzone Z + Redzone to get him cornered only to have my opponent using the ONLY Trigger that can ruin my day, Team Tech's Wave Go. Then he used it to bounced all of my Dokindam X's seals and next turn he used an emeralda to place another tech go into his shields and of course i die.

Last duel yesterday: The same opponent was using a rogue miradante 12 deck. Basically got really bad shuffles but won anyway due to rafululu blocking Churentenhou from casting spiral hurricane.

First duel today: Some really powerful duelist challenged me with a dormageddon deck and i ran bearfugan. I know something is really wrong and i did it to make him happy anyway. I was running bearfugan and he didn't have a shield trigger, but then he began controlling the field and stalling until he bigbangs dorma and i gave up.

Second duel: The same guy challenged me with a beat jockey deck and i was countering him pretty well. He was swarming the field with weenies but i didn't get mega magma until very late on (I was using a DF buster repair), but at the last moment he did not attack for some reason and so i cannot use bolshack dogiragon. Then i used Evil heat to revchange into buster and he did not have any cards in his hand, so i just sent an evil heat and the next turn he bought out another shortshot and i died.

Last one: This one is the worst i was dueling a 5c ramp with the same deck as duel 2 and the guy used promethus and returned a van beethoven and i was choosing the same card with apache urara EVEN when i know that was the card that he returned. (He did not shuffle his hand) Of course that was a zero civilization card so i cannot send out any psychics, and the next turn he retaliated with that card and boom, lockdown, gg.

This is very fustrating and i don't even know what is happening with me anymore. No DMP deserves this type of treatment. It's just far beyond stupid and i've never saw anything like this in my entire dueling career. (Aside at the first 2 months in tco where my skill levels are still low, but not now.)

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