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No new posts  Announcement:  Feedback Points - Leave Feedback & Report Frauds 1, 2, ... , 5, 6127ELTP5727Trading 247-94View latest post on 29.08.19 13:35
by Rishino
No new posts  Announcement:  Trading Rules 0ELTP928Trading 1-57View latest post on 25.11.16 20:16
No new posts  Announcement:  Guide to Trading 0ELTP854Trading 1-57View latest post on 25.11.16 20:05
No new posts  Sticky:  List of TCG Promos and alternate Artworks in OCG 3OcaVan420Trading 24-55View latest post on 26.07.18 15:48
by OcaVan
No new posts  Sticky:  From Japan - A Very Affordable Proxy Service for Buying Cards 0ELTP1236Trading 1-57View latest post on 08.02.17 16:15
No new posts  Sticky:  Card Values, Grading & Identifying Fakes 0ELTP1828Trading 1-57View latest post on 02.02.17 8:03
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No new posts   WANT : SUPER RARES JP/FR/DE/IT 8kubu1384Trading 58-15View latest post on 19.09.19 12:52
by kubu
No new posts   Suggested Card Values 1, 247ELTP10263Trading 1-57View latest post on 11.09.19 16:18
No new posts   RISHINO's Eternal Want Thread, HAVE: $$$ and some extra Foils  11Rishino796Trading 247-94View latest post on 08.09.19 17:17
by Rishino
No new posts   Halfar's Haves & Wants shop 1, 229Halfar3404Trading 068View latest post on 29.08.19 9:00
by Halfar
No new posts   Cards for Sale/ Wants list 9Daniitaka626avatarView latest post on 28.08.19 21:00
by Daniitaka
No new posts   German Panini Promo 0Daniitaka27avatarView latest post on 28.08.19 20:23
by Daniitaka
No new posts   Darksigners Trading Thread 4Darksigner2201avatarView latest post on 24.08.19 14:07
by Darksigner
No new posts   OcaVan's Trade Thread 16OcaVan1680Trading 24-55View latest post on 24.08.19 9:25
by OcaVan
No new posts   Selling a bundle of S-rare cards at a good price 0Daigokojin92avatarView latest post on 19.08.19 15:29
by Daigokojin
No new posts   Seeling my cards 0Gwyndbleidd13109avatarView latest post on 18.08.19 22:04
by Gwyndbleidd13
No new posts   Looking for some cards 2Daniitaka138avatarView latest post on 15.08.19 15:06
by patrikmeng
No new posts   *Looking for these cards* 1Nishisawa85avatarView latest post on 15.08.19 14:59
by patrikmeng
No new posts   Selling a lot of rares and expensive cards 0patrikmeng93avatarView latest post on 15.08.19 14:58
by patrikmeng
No new posts   Identifying Fake Cards 1, 234ELTP5031Trading 4-91View latest post on 15.08.19 14:47
by Haiken
No new posts   xephons sale thread 4xephon923Trading 68-16View latest post on 13.08.19 18:37
by xephon
No new posts   Selling my cards UPDATED 12boticelli1007Trading 332-69View latest post on 12.08.19 13:26
by Ferdix
No new posts   Looking to Sell Some Cards 0Nim74avatarView latest post on 08.08.19 8:17
by Nim
No new posts   Promised. 's Trading Thread 16Promised.357Trading 113-77View latest post on 07.08.19 4:43
by Promised.
No new posts   Haiken's Trading Thread 23Haiken2515Trading 4-91View latest post on 02.08.19 17:11
by Haiken
No new posts   duel masters promos for sale 0thalucky1109avatarView latest post on 24.07.19 22:24
by thalucky1
No new posts   Looking for a few promos 3EarthP0w3R117avatarView latest post on 24.07.19 22:17
by thalucky1
No new posts   japanese cards 0rozenkreutz58avatarView latest post on 20.07.19 5:34
by rozenkreutz
No new posts   Selling 160+ Dm cards, Bombazar, Stallob, Super Terradragon (All Played) 1swagzebra328Trading 315-9View latest post on 13.07.19 8:13
by sirgreyfox21
No new posts   Looking for damaged rare cards / foils 3DeathOnion285avatarView latest post on 17.06.19 19:10
by DeathOnion
No new posts   LOOKING FOR √úBERDRAGON BAJULA (Eng) 1BolshackTamer175avatarView latest post on 21.05.19 2:23
by EarthP0w3R
No new posts   Selling Neve, the leveler with small white edges 0Sonic151avatarView latest post on 12.05.19 14:39
by Sonic
No new posts   Rare ! Selling French & English DM Sealed items ! 3docteurcomics115avatarView latest post on 12.05.19 14:20
by docteurcomics
No new posts   Want to sell my old collection 1Gwyndbleidd13277avatarView latest post on 12.04.19 14:45
by Gwyndbleidd13
No new posts   My collection 17TrixVinctus46Trading E2uVPRView latest post on 26.03.19 19:41
by TrixVinctus
No new posts   Selling aprox 900 Duel Master TCG cards DM01-DM11. 0TurnupCentaur151avatarView latest post on 07.03.19 17:16
by TurnupCentaur
No new posts   Want some cards 3Porost498avatarView latest post on 05.03.19 23:56
by Porost
No new posts   DM cards for sale 2Terje259avatarView latest post on 17.02.19 18:25
by _wkloh
No new posts   Promos, Rainbows & More for Sale & Trade 3awesomezxc920avatarView latest post on 15.02.19 21:07
by Terje
No new posts   Searching for some cards 1BloodWolf220avatarView latest post on 15.02.19 20:41
by Terje
No new posts   Wants list, for money 4Touke211avatarView latest post on 15.02.19 18:34
by Terje
No new posts   Looking for English cards!  0_wkloh143avatarView latest post on 24.01.19 17:46
by _wkloh
No new posts   I want buy cards 2Roswn202avatarView latest post on 13.01.19 22:38
by ayzzzeeen
No new posts   SELLING 70 Super Rare and Rare Cards 0ayzzzeeen135avatarView latest post on 13.01.19 22:34
by ayzzzeeen
No new posts   Loui's Trading Thread 13loui-mh1741Trading 116-14View latest post on 07.01.19 14:13
by loui-mh
No new posts   buying/selling/trading 5chiazx1686avatarView latest post on 21.12.18 21:18
by chiazx1
No new posts   500 Jap Card Clearance 10DeathOnion395avatarView latest post on 18.11.18 14:23
by DeathOnion
No new posts   Selling Duel Masters cards 0TonySoprano207avatarView latest post on 26.10.18 17:28
by TonySoprano
No new posts   Selling my collection 1Silvery209avatarView latest post on 24.10.18 12:58
by Silvery
No new posts   I'm looking for duel master promo cards and some cards from Shadowclash Collector Tin 4loshorta777avatarView latest post on 07.10.18 13:40
by loshorta
No new posts   Suggested Card Values - Table 4ELTP330Trading 1-57View latest post on 06.10.18 18:34
No new posts   Loui's Selling thread 5loui-mh430avatarView latest post on 01.10.18 0:29
by Lekioujyu
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