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Redzone - Fixed answer to 90% of tco decks?

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Redzone - Fixed answer to 90% of tco decks? Empty Redzone - Fixed answer to 90% of tco decks?

Post by Mr-ex777 11.02.17 19:45

From what i found out...Redzone is a fixed counter to 90% of tco decks. Dormageddon used to play the fixed counter role to but too bad Evil Heat and Psycho are restricted so it has became a bit tame.

I believe the only person on tco who can reliably resist a redzone rush is Sergiumrs and it's not a garuanteed for him.

Here's my explanations.

  • Extreme speed; Redzone decks can use topgears to reduce the cost of its commands and can start attacking in the 3rd turn, although for stability people use shortshot on turn 3 then invade on turn 4. By the time of turn 4 if you are lucky enough to run both Redzone Z and Redzone, you will break all of of opp's shields and he is dead. I've even saw cases where people invade like 5 or 6 commands just to awaken dokindam X in one blow, usually they do this when they are at a pinch. TCO is filled with ramp decks which further increases the vulnerability since they rarely run miraculous truce or hard removal. Or maybe Cyberdice Vegas.
  • Suprisingly high stamina; Despite being a rush deck, for some strange reason Redzone gets all sorts of crazy stuff that ramp decks or regular control decks have. It has turbo 3 for draw, The Mach and The Zet to get around Judaiou or GT, Shortshot for creature triggers and revolution 0 triggers, and Dokindam X for a risky but fixed direct that is almost impossible to defend against. Even if it sees Oriotis or Entertainer it can simply suicide with it. Yadoc might be a bit harder but it's not common so it helps. Also, the shield triggers it had can even deal with van. You read it right, one of its shield triggers, the end of x can even seal van beethoven and make it unrecoverable and could potentially awaken dokindam x as well.
  • Very easy to operate: Basically anyone can operate a redzone deck if he knows about the advanced basics of OCG. It's not like buster where you need a few specific cards for it to work. You just need an invasion evo and an evo bait command and possibly a topgear or magnum in hand and they will crush your opponent almost automatically.
  • The strong types of Redzone in TCO are mono fire and Darkness fire, the Light fire variant is useless on tco because it does not have much resistance.

Due to all of these reasons it's almost like a fixed counter against 90% of TCO decks and i found out that when i face one the probability of surviving is less than 5%. with a mirror Redzone it's around 10 to 20 percent survival rate. Due to shortshot not even unrestricted dormageddon can deal with it. It's almost crazy that it can counter almost everything on tco along with dormageddon before the severly imposed restrictions, but it's probably too late to do anything to restrict it.

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Redzone - Fixed answer to 90% of tco decks? Empty Re: Redzone - Fixed answer to 90% of tco decks?

Post by Admin 11.02.17 21:22

Interesting writing. I haven't played on TCO for ages but Rezone is the first card ever for me which really felt OP (besides Bombazar).

Maybe TCO's meta will then evolve based on it once again. Or at least try to.

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