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Duel Master Proxy generator for Nandeck


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Duel Master Proxy generator for Nandeck Empty Duel Master Proxy generator for Nandeck

Post by Shingetwo 19.09.21 18:45

Okay not sure if someone has done this already but I've been working on a Nandeck script to generate proxies for any card and I think it is finally at a stage where it's presentable here are some screenshots.

Duel Master Proxy generator for Nandeck Dmpg_s11
Duel Master Proxy generator for Nandeck Dmpg_s14
Duel Master Proxy generator for Nandeck Dmpg_s15Duel Master Proxy generator for Nandeck Dmpg_s17
Duel Master Proxy generator for Nandeck Dmpg_s16

It works by putting the card info into an excel sheet and then builds the card using an asset folder. At this point, it should work for most of the basic cards with gen 1 and 2 templates there are some small errors I’m trying to clear up before I release this plus seeing if I can automate the excel file to make it easier to use and adding the HQ templates from here, and here a couple of the things I know needs to be fixed/ I’m working on.

Things that work:
Gen 1 and 2 card layout 

Icons in the text (only blocker, shield trigger, and Wave Striker have been added but they all work the same and are easy to do)
font and text styling (minus indents)

things that don't work:
minor position changes 

indent (as you can see on Macho Melon indents don't work at the moment I think I have a workaround but to fix it properly I’ll need to rewrite how card text works so that it will scale dynamically between boxes)

spacing is a bit off you can see it on Macho Melon I plan to get that in the text rewrite 

what I'm going to do next:

The card text rewrite is likely going to take the longest it is just way more complex than the way I have it set up now and I may need to get some help with it, I think I'll focus on getting printing set up and then make a tutorial on how this all work and how to set it up I also may work on some of the other layouts and add them to what I have.

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