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    LWN Shield Trigger Deck


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    LWN Shield Trigger Deck Empty LWN Shield Trigger Deck

    Post by madmicro0430 14.06.21 12:14

    Hi, today I'm gonna share a pretty weak but fun-to-play deck - LWN Shield Trigger Deck. As the name implied, this deck plays a lot of shield triggers (24 in total).

    The weak part is you have to rely on your opponent to attack your shield for it to work, so basically only great against aggro decks. (But there are still some ways against control decks)

    The fun part is when you see a ST that is going to help you, you'll just feel today is your lucky day, and that feeling is awesome.

    So here is the deck list. This deck plays 40 cards. LWN Shield Trigger Deck Lwn_fu10
    LWN Shield Trigger Deck Lwn_fu11


    1. The choice of civilization (LWN) is rather arbitrary. Fire and Darkness both have fascinating ST as well as finishers. Some great points about LWN ST in this deck will be discussed below.

    2. Skysword helps to increase the no. of shields, hence the no. of shield triggers. Good synergy with Cannon Shell as well by raising its power. Soulswapping it is certainly the strategy.

    3. The ratio of hulcus:energy stream is quite a bit arbitrary. If you want a body on board for soulswap or for clone deflector to work by "tap and attack strategy", you can add more hulcus. If you want to play more control style, you can add more stream.

    4. Cannon Shell can be a big problem for your opponent if they don't go for shield at all. It may give your opponent some pressure, although a good control deck can actually handle the cannon shell pretty easily.

    5. Spiral gate and surfer: pretty standard removal card to buy time

    6. This deck requires big finishers that can play around with shield triggers, because most of my creatures are not strong ones, and they can be easily removed. Note that Cryptic Totem and Bluum Erkis effects do not contradict one another. Details see: https://duelmasters.fandom.com/wiki/Bluum_Erkis,_Flare_Guardian/Rulings

    7. Some other LWN ST to consider: LWN Shield Trigger Deck Illust14
    - Holy awe is probably not necessary, because we have cheaper version of it - the cloned deflector. We have many 6 drops in this deck already. And if your opponent realize your deck is a ST deck, s/he probably won't go for your shields that quickly to hit an awe. Also you won't have many creatures on the field for you to clear the opposing board with holy awe.

    - Kolon was originally included, but I realize I won't have strong creatures to attack the opposing creatures when using Kolon's tapping ability. Since then I added cloned deflector, a more effective tapping card, and replaced Kolon with Amber Grass instead.

    - Skydiver is a great card, but I guess having too many multi-civ cards will just screw up my mana in the end.

    - Miraculous truce: unless your player is playing mono civ decks (like I often do), it is not a really great card; i would rather have cards with removal ability or tapping ability so that they are either gone, or I can attack them after being tapped.

    - Mana nexus: I don't really like this card because your opponents know what your shield is so they can play around with it, and it screws up your mana.

    - Dimension gate: a pretty good card that can allow you to know your shields, regrettably no room for it; if I make this deck to 45-50 cards, I will certainly add it.

    8. This deck is only playable in fun environment. Weak against every competitive decks.

    Leave your comment for your thoughts Smile

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