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Mono Civ Series. Part I. Mono Water


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Mono Civ Series. Part I. Mono Water Empty Mono Civ Series. Part I. Mono Water

Post by Soyboy 21.02.21 23:10

Long time lurker, first time poster.
I have noticed a disturbing lack of mono civ deck-profiles around here.
I understand, that they are not deemed as competitively viable as multi-civ decks.
I personally don't think that this is neccessarily true. If build correctly, mono-civ decks can hold their own against multi civ decks.
Even if they themselves might not be tier 1 decks.
With that being said, I present to you my favorite amongst my mono-civ creations and part I of my little series of deckprofiles. Mono water Transmogrify.

40 Cards:

4x Aqua Guard
4x Emeral
4x Spiral Gate
4x Transmogrify
4x Aqua Hulcus
2x Crystal Paladin
4x Corile
4x Illusionary Merfolk
4x Aqua Surfer
2x Aqua Sniper
4x King Tsunami

This deck is built around the allmighty Transmogrify. With the exception of Aqua Guard and sometimes Merfolk, every card you hit triggers some sort of an advantageous effect.
Some of these effects can win you the game as early as turn 3, or atleast set you up nicely for a win.
The absolute high roll being King Tsunami. 12 Mana 12k Triple Breaker that bounces every creature on the field into the hands of their respective players. Yeah.
Good luck coming back from that on turn 3. Keep in mind though, that this effect is mandatory. This can backfire, if you have a strong board yourself.

Other than that, this card is pure tempo and can even turn around a game from a losing position. All you need is a single creature and Transmogrify in your shields.
If your opponent has a full board of creatures and foolishly attacks into your shields for game, you could Transmogrify into a King Tsunami, to clear their board
and stop all further attacks. King Tsunami becomes board wipe + a pseudo speed attacking triple breaker in that instance. Pretty neat and well worth being a brick sometimes.
If you draw him, you simply charge him in mana. I never regretted playing this card at 4 copies. The two copies of Aqua Sniper act as a mini King Tsunami. 5k and double bounces
are really nice tempo. Sniper is also a liquid people, which lets you evolve into Paladin in a pinch.

Now with King Tsunami being the high roll of this deck, Aqua guard certainly takes the spot of being the low roll. Don't get me wrong. It sucks hitting one off of Transmogrify.
But I simply can not recommend playing without cheap blockers in any deck that can afford to play them. Losing to rush is just not fun. This also doubles as cheap evo bait.
But there is a third reason I like to play Aqua Guard, despite the aforementioned downside: It sets up a turn 3 Merfolk. Without Aqua Guard, you simply could not make it happen.
Lets take a look at the dream opening for this deck, to demonstrate what I mean:

Turn 1: Aqua Guard
Turn 2: Emeral -> set up Aqua Surfer in the shields.
Turn 3: Transmogrify Aqua Guard into either Merfolk or Tsunami.

Even if you don't hit Tsunami or Sniper.. drawing 3 cards on turn 3, whilst putting a 4k body on board is pretty effing good. Hence why I play 4 copies of Merfolk to increase
my chances of making this happen.
Of course this won't happen all the time. But hitting Hulcus, Corile or Surfer off of Transmogrify is still decent. And Mono Water has so many great tempo plays, to make up for
one mediocre Transmogrify.

The two Paladin act as my finishers in this deck over Lancer. Simply because they make all my creatures unblockable for a turn. Just be careful. Evo creatures get sent to the
graveyard by Transmogrify.

- Be wary of Burst Shot and Searing Wave. Half this deck dies to these board wipes.
- Transmogrify is luck based. There will be variance in how well this deck performs.
- Lack of 4 drops. This deck does not play any 4 drops. Paladin does cost 4 Mana, but you wouldn't really want to play him on turn 4. This deck spikes at 3 and 5 Mana.

Final thoughts:
I personally think, this is the best version of this deck. That being said, I consider the 2 Paladin and 2 Sniper the flex spots of this deck. I go back and forth between
Sniper and Lancer. Sniper being the more luck based alternative, whilst Lancer adds a more consistend boss monster to the deck, that legitimizes my choice in Aqua Guard.
If you wanted to fix the lack of 4 drops in this deck, you could take out the Snipers and/or Paladins for Unicorn Fish. Still great on-play effect with transmogrify and also a nice
tempo play on turn 4. Though losing Paladin would sting. And it would increase your vulnerability to board wipes.

Thats it for my first deck profile. I hope you enjoyed it and take this deck for a spin yourself.

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Mono Civ Series. Part I. Mono Water Empty Re: Mono Civ Series. Part I. Mono Water

Post by DM_globalveteran 23.02.21 14:57

hey and nice to see when users make the jump from reader-only status to posting something. it's what makes communiities fun.

i totally agree, a well built mono-civ (maybe up to the point when Hyperspatial Zone was introduced) deck can do wonders if you also consider the antagonisms amongst the 5 civs. i personally started with pure water back in 2004 when the game was released in western regions. then moved to multi for years. it's a rounded circle when i look at one of my final decks, it has some tri-fold water dragon and the new liquid people sub-type.
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Master of Destruction

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Mono Civ Series. Part I. Mono Water Empty Re: Mono Civ Series. Part I. Mono Water

Post by LordSommerhill 06.04.21 22:00

The Transmogrify + King Tsunami combo is fun when executed, but why are you not using Aqua Strummer? Aqua Strummer is probably the best card you can combo with Transmogrify, as it lets you rearrange the top 5 cards of your deck, so that you already know up front what you will get. With 4 Tsunami in the deck, chances are you will pull of this combo a lot if you add Strummer in the deck Very Happy

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Mono Civ Series. Part I. Mono Water Empty Re: Mono Civ Series. Part I. Mono Water

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