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Cosmic-13 Combo Deck

Invincible Charge
Invincible Charge

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Cosmic-13 Combo Deck Empty Cosmic-13 Combo Deck

Post by Halfar 25.08.20 12:59

Welcome to my Deck List of one of the funniest decks i've ever played.

I represent to you:

This deck is able to annoy meta decks.
The Plan of the deck is simple and effective:

Turn 1 /
Turn 2 Emeral set up a big spell (mostly Cataclysm)
Turn 3 Stream or Logic Cube to search Darts
Turn 4 Meloppe and Darts -> Kill 3 shields with Cataclysm and attack with Emeral
Turn 5 Merfolk to draw into Darts or Logic Cube and kill the remaining Shields

For Defensive you have 2x Yuliana, 2x Mir. Snare, Burst shot (for Emeral Mind-Games) and Estol.
Estol is good to spy at the shields to know what needs to be killed by Cataclysm.
If its not a trigger, you can easily removal it with Emeral or Meloppe.

For recursion you have thrash crawler and Phal.

Cosmic-13 Combo Deck Cosmic12

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