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What happened at UK factory?


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What happened at UK factory? Empty What happened at UK factory?

Post by universegate on 22.07.20 12:33

Have you any language cards?
If you have, please check those.

European DM-01 normal cards has same paper texture to US cards. But Foils are not same.
Maybe it because maybe Foil sheet is sensitive to humidity.

Box, Packing sheet, Shrink are same in all Language. Maybe it for protect to fake product at new factory.

In case of EU 02 and 04. Those has different texture to others. But DM-06 cards are same to 01!

When consider about cost. They want to use more reasonable and easier availability.
Is the answer “They found easer avaliability materials but it was not good quality”?

Otherwise EU 02 and 04 has non-logo(That’s WotC) shrinked type.
Perhaps they had some issues so can’t receive supplies from WotC US?

I think it it is really strange. Please your opinion!

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