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DMR-rules Cryptic BollyTrigger


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DMR-rules Cryptic BollyTrigger Empty DMR-rules Cryptic BollyTrigger

Post by Rishino 24.06.20 20:47

Shield trigger heavy deck focusing on Bolly and Cryptic Totem. DMR-rules (2 Soulswap, 1 Clamp)

Fire: 9

3x Bolmeteus Steel Dragon
3x Tornado Flame
3x Burst Shot

Water: 9

2x Emeral
3x Aqua Surfer
3x Brain Serum
1x Crystal Memory

Nature: 12

2x Cryptic Totem
3x Bronze-Arm Tribe
3x Dimension Gate
2x Mana Nexus
2x Soulswap

Darkness: 10

3x Locomotiver
2x Dark Reversal
1x Cranium Clamp
4x Terror Pit

Total: 40

DMR-rules Cryptic BollyTrigger Dmr_cr11

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