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4 Civi Bonanza Lock

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4 Civi Bonanza Lock  Empty 4 Civi Bonanza Lock

Post by Promised. 29.10.19 1:49

Credits for the list goto Kevin and Kai Kit. This is merely a repost for the deck compendum.

Green ( 16 )
4x Essence Elf
4x Faerie Life
2x Mystic Treasure
4x Bliss Totem
2x Bonanza

Yellow ( 9 )
3x Yuliana
2x Logic Cube
4x Phal Eega

Blue ( 11 )
3x Stream
3x Dreamscape
2x Trash Crawler
1x Memory
2x Surfer

Black ( 6 )
1x Corpse Charger
3x Terror Pit
2x Lost Soul

Multi ( 8 )
4x M.snare
4x M.plague

Deck Size: 50

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