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UB Hydrooze Tempo (Endgame List)

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UB Hydrooze Tempo (Endgame List) Empty UB Hydrooze Tempo (Endgame List)

Post by Promised. 21.10.19 2:34

UB Hydrooze Tempo 's archetype is Tempo (control aggro). It aims to chip away at its opponent's options with discard, and build a board and put your opponent on a clock. Your opponent will have difficulty unwinding his clock due to his lack of options. To my knowledge, UB Hydrooze is dm tcg's only meta Tempo deck.

*Never charge Hydrooze in mana unless you draw 2 or more in opening hand*

PS: I do not claim ownership of any of the lists I post. They came to be through the concerted efforts of the DM Community in Singapore. Credit largely goes to David Mark, Trevor, Kevin Ho, Kai Kit.

Blue ( 15 )
4x Emeral
4x Aqua Hulcus
2x Energy Stream
3x Corile
2x Aqua Surfer

Black ( 18 )
4x Propeller
4x Windmill
3x Clamp
4x Loco
3x Pit

Yellow ( 3 )
3x Holy Awe

Multi ( 4 )
4x Hydrooze



■Deck Archtypes
▪︎Aggro - Beatdown
▪︎Swarm - Aggro Combo
▪︎Tempo - Aggro Control
▪︎Midrange - Control Aggro (2types: Threat and Answer based)
▪︎Control - Control Combo

■ Here is a very brief competitve dm tcg 101 guide (For a detailed explaination, refer to Kevin's guide)

Identify your deck archtype > build it to achieve its gameplan in the most efficient way, by balancing colors and card counts > In matches the first thing to do is to identify what deck your opponent is playing, which will allow you to determine who is playing the "control" and who is the "aggro"> play in a way that allows you to most efficiently achieve your deck's gameplan

■ Kevin Ho's comprehensive guide to dm tcg:

■ *Balancing color counts is extremely important! *
Hypergeometric Calculator - https://stattrek.com/online-calculator/hypergeometric.aspx

■ TCG Tier List (Compendum of Meta Decks)

■ Shin's Youtube Channel: Promised. (telegram me your video duels I can upload them for you) - https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCTvfDBr-Al563DGeol6qEwQ

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